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Attached is one of my videos developed for my Facebook page, It’s been an interesting evolution. When the book came out I felt that pit in my stomach of wondering how I’d promote it. Marketing isn’t my forte. Then, over time, I started playing with videos and my larger ideas, not only about the book, but my own spiritual perspective. I focused less on selling a book and more on talking about ideas, viewpoints, as I would a client or a friend. The videos are evolving and the process is becoming easier.

It’s a bit strange looking at myself in this way. I’ve discovered I say “really” and “powerful” a lot and “like” is tossed around liberally, too. I rock when I speak. Literally I rock back and forth. Who knew? For such a happy person I have the worst frowning crease in my forehead. Where did that come from? I massage my face a lot now. You want to see something funny, now that is funny. All of this has been a marvelous process of failures and successes and much laughter. Thinking it would be cool to do some outdoor video I landed in a huge mud puddle and swallowed a bug mid-sentence. I may have to compile a bloopers video at some point.

Regarding the videos I find on the one hand, I have this growing clarity on things I want to say and focus on. On the other, I haven’t written much of late, not because I don’t have things to say, but silence has had a larger part of my attention. Writing is easy for me, and where I am the most comfortable, and yet, my hands lay still. No resistance or struggle, more like an Olympic swimmer stretching, and gazing upon the water. The shot hasn’t fired. The crowd isn’t calling. Everything is silent down to the waves rolling up against the side of the pool.

The difference, of course, between myself and the swimmer is there is no tension within me. I am not psyched up for a race. I’m sitting in this huge pregnant pause with the curiosity of a cat. I see so many things I could latch onto and ramp up and then they subside and move on. As if my life has become one long meditation of sorts. The breath rises, the breath falls, the thoughts come, the thoughts go and I remain quietly watching.

The videos have become these pops of energy where my mind is suddenly alert with something I want to say. Once created, I watch how I gently slide back into a space of awareness and calm. If I were a tourist I’d be wondering how long this vacation can last. This space of non-resistance and gentle awareness. I prefer, however, to leave the wondering for another day. I will ride this crest, as long as I ride this crest. No point telling a story about it being otherwise.

Join me if you wish on Facebook. I’d love the company. I make no excuses for the way every single video seems to freeze with some funny expression on my face. Either angels are having sport with me or my videos are infested with gremlins. It is what it is, I am who I am.

31 thoughts on “Some Slack

  1. Thank You Noelle. Many thanks for those wise observations on your video’sThey help me todayHave a lovely day ChowRegardsFrank Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the O2 network. From: Meditation TravelogueSent: Tuesday, 15 March 2016 00:41To: frank@mislandcapital.comReply To: Meditation TravelogueSubject: [New post] 3346

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    noellevignola posted: “Attached is one of my videos developed for my Facebook page, It’s been an interesting evolution. When the book came out I felt that pit in my stomach of wondering how I’d promote it. Marketing isn’t my forte. Then, ove”

  2. Wondeful post Noelle. This is an important message to us all and especially to me today as I head towards the launch of my book. This is exactly what I have been doing and this is exactly what I need to let go of. Your video looks great. Thankyou. 🙂

    • Thank you, my friend. I am still learning about how to make these and how to find the right voice for them, but it occurred to me if I waited until I had it perfect or “right”, I’d never post a thing. So off I go. Thanks for the well-wishes. I’ll take them gladly!!

  3. Enjoyed the video very much Noelle, and witnessing your positivity and wisdom in action. It’s a wonderful message, too. Hyper vigilance can be debilitating. Taking a step back, taking a step towards peace and acceptance, truly can free up movements and responses we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to see. Despite their being right there… Thank you for the lovely reminder…

    Peace to you, who sound to me like an Olympic swimmer gazing at the water not from the starting block, not hungry for the gun exactly, but from the chair beside the table with the tea on it. You don’t have me convinced you’re going to scramble to hit the water when the shot is fired either! Which is a good thing.


    • Definitely not scrambling. I was listening to a popular online workshop personality doing a free intro class. They sounded pressured and strained to my ear. I have no desire to hit the circuit and pump my work. I love the idea of continuing to generate this internal force that emanates outward and those in alignment with it or attracted to it, gravitated in. It’s okay if that’s the slow way to go. I’m not in a hurry. It’s taking me fifty years of rushing to realize it’s a clean, silent, splashless, dive into the water that takes you where you wish to go.

  4. I like the videos, it’s nice to see and hear your voice to go along with the message. Apropos of nothing I wanted to say I’m enjoying “Into Your Meditation.” I reference it every day when I get upset about something. It really does help distract me from whatever I’m stewing on (that almost always turns out to be no big deal). It helps slow me down and offers perspective. I need that. Thanks for putting it together and know it’s positively affecting at least one life! 🙂
    PS – also left you some love on Amazon.

    • Oh man… I seriously need Amazon reviews, so truly, truly grateful for that. Even more delighted you are enjoying it. Coming from a writer such as yourself I take that as a huge compliment. I’ve tried not to look too much at Amazon sales, only because it makes me nervous and am just focusing on what i need to do next. I’m setting up a YouTube channel which has been an education unto itself. Thanks for the love and support, my friend. Made my day!

  5. Love this Noelle, both the written post and the video. You emanate a sense of calm that is healing in and of itself and your words are filled with wisdom and insight. Glad you feel the videos are evolving and that you’re finding more ways to authentically self-express and share the unique being you are with the world. Sounds like you are in an amazing place: “The breath rises, the breath falls, the thoughts come, the thoughts go and I remain quietly watching.” Here’s to that.

      • Time to get manifesting! (I’m secretly – or was secretly – looking forward to when you have enough videos to compile all your bloopers. Know how you love mud so won’t feel too bad if I end up laughing when I see you land in that mud puddle xx).

      • Hell yeah, time to get manifesting! Honestly, if you were here, I’d make you hold the camera. I’ve had it tip over, bop me on the head and so on. I’ve had the perfect video nearly complete and the cat starts chewing on the stand and the whole thing rocks. I go from blissful queen to a mad hatter in two seconds. The cats think it’s a game… damn them… they know I have no backbone!!

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