Elus is a Denver-based choir. Their sound is simply magical. Is it coming to the Christmas season I find it often struggle to get into the sensations of the holidays. Over the years I’ve gotten taken down by all of the commercialism. It just doesn’t resonate with me anymore. I’ve even had a hard time putting up a Christmas tree. Rather odd for a woman named Noelle. My gateway into the season consistently has been through the sounds of a beautiful choir and what seems to stir inside me. It always brings back to me the mystery and the magic of the holiday season and I want you to know that this choir is worth listening to. I’m attaching a YouTube video for you to listen to. If you live in the Denver area it’s worth coming to listen to them live. Their next event is on 12/18 at 7pm at Park Church. They are a nonprofit choir and could really use donations. Consider a donation or even better buy a ticket and come listen. I’ve come to learn this past year that community and friendship are essential to our lives. So is contributing to local businesses and charities. At this time of year I think it’s important that we remind each other of the importance of stepping into the mystery of the holiday season.