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Briefly, I’ve been a social worker and life coach for about thirty years. I’ve had a private practice and worked in addictions and CBT, but the last eighteen years have been focused on end of life work.  In addition, I work extensively in dream analysis and the medical field. My spiritual path involved an upbringing in a very loving, hippy, Catholic community. My earlier adult years were spent in studying Buddhism, sufism, and various forms of meditation. I would describe my spiritual practice as one of gnosis. A spirituality based on the experiential encounters with the divine either through meditation, prayer, dream work and nature. I possess no specific religious associations or pursuits.  I write as a means of exploring my spiritual understanding and to express my struggles and joys in this relationship between myself and the divine.

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    • How could I not follow your site? Zen, Rumi and Hildegard all in one spot? I was hooked before I started reading! Most of the images are mine, but not all. I try to site where most things come from if not mine. Hardest part is the stuff I pick up on FB that has been re-posted hundreds of times. Hard to know where the image originated. I need to go back and list those as unknown. thanks for following my humble venture. Blessings to your Sunday.

    • I am a photographer, on longer professional, and I enjoy great photographs, so I just thought.
      You have a great face very pretty. My spiritual practice is pretty much the same as yours Ex-Catholic I have no real religious affiliations it’s really all about your own eperiences and how you relate to them. Nice meeting you my friend. Namaste.

      • Thank you. Yes, the spiritual path is a curious one. Many twists and turns. I’ve often loved the quote by Robert Frost, “Even if I’d known, at say twenty seven where I would be at age fifty three I could still have never found the path.”

  1. First of all, I’d like to thank you for commenting on my blog. As for your question, you can upload to your blog any audio files that you may have on your computer. All you have to do is buy some extra space from WordPress.com. Make sure to use MP3 audio files because WAVE audio files take up too much space, and when I say “too much”, I mean it. I don’t think there is a limit for how much audio you can have on your blog. You, however, cannot forget that the more audio you have, the more space you need to buy. I hope this brief explanation helps you start using audio on your blog, which, by the way, is fantastic. See you, Mr. Violin.

    • Thanks for this. I knew I could buy more space, but wasn’t sure what that meant. And thanks for the tip on the MP3. I’m moving over the next month, but want to settle in and make some short meditation pieces after Thanksgiving here in the States. I thought I would start with five minute meditations. Do you make your pieces on your computer with a mic or something more professional?

    • I’ve loved visiting your site. I love collage art and color. You have some really beautiful things. I love the discussions you pose and the experimenting with different mediums. Good luck on your work.

  2. Great blog. Very nice layout and photography. Our daughter is a beginning MSW working for the Crisis Center of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, near to New Orleans. I think social workers are great. More should go into medicine!

    • Funny, I got my masters at Tulane and lived and worked in Jefferson Parish. Small world. Thanks for visiting and commenting. It is a humble project this blog and I am grateful when I am able to share it. Namaste.

  3. Noelle, many, many thanks for the follow on my wee blog, it is really appreciated. If you have any suggestions or requests just drop me a line. I agree with your spirituality sense and not being attached to any specific religion. Namaste, MM 🍀

    • Thank you for your kind comments. You have beautiful work. I don’t know what I’d suggest, but I’ve been playing with a macro lens and seeing some curious and beautiful things from a level the world doesn’t get to see too often. I suspect with your eye you’d likely produce some beautiful work.

  4. I’m feeling quite a kinship with you after reading your “about.” Though now retired, I have been a social worker, chaplain, and spent my last years of employment working with the elderly and the dying. My spirituality is experientially centered and my writing is, for me, a spiritual practice. Glad to meet another blogger with so much in common. Peace.

    • A social worker and a chaplain… You did wade into the suffering of others, it would seem on all planes. Thank you for coming by as well. Deeply grateful for the visit.

  5. That is so kind of you. I’ll admit I don’t really understand the award system. I was nominated as a new blogger, but wasn’t sure if I’m supposed to post it somewhere or not. I am not anti-award just not always sure what to do with it. So I accept your kindness with immense gratitude and blessings to your generosity, my friend. Sorry for the late response, too. I am enjoying the beach with family at the moment. Reading fairy tale stories to my nieces over blogging.

  6. Beautifully written. I love your description of your spiritual experience. Thank you for sharing with the world, your insights and experiences. I’m glad to be following your blog.

    • Thank you. I just started following you on FB. Truly beautiful stuff. I love the atmosphere you capture in so many of your photos. There is an ‘aloneness’ in them, that isn’t lonely. More a man having caught a beautiful or curious moment in time while alone and then he steps out of his personal film to show everyone else the stills. That ‘aloneness’ can almost be felt in the photograph. Blessings to your journey, my friend.

  7. You do capture the essence of my musings, often I have a tension between my aloneness in nature and the clear awareness of a spiritual presence just waiting for us to take the time and step away from actively to be open to the spiritual realm.. Such moments for me are beautiful and unsettling at the same time.. I feel smallness and largeness simultaneously ! Thank you for recognizing that.. Today I went for a hike in a very cold winter day, it was hard to push past the biting cold but once I got the the cliff area and was able to look out over the beauty in front of me and below, I could have stayed for hours !! Blessings to you and thank you for your wonderful blog..

    • We are of like minds. I hiked today in an early snow here. I am working on a piece related to it that is still forming. I can’t explain it really, but I think I was made for winter. I am never more energized, it would seem, then at this time of year. I love that the paths are empty as people stay indoors and I have the fields and the woods to myself. Yes, I understand that odd combination of being alone, and yet… not alone. Impressed while daunted, all at the same time. I often say to friends when I am heading out for a hike, “I am off to commune with the spirits.” There is something ephemeral and unexplainable so evident when out in nature. As I said before, your work is beautiful, but unlike many beautiful photographs you capture something else in the moment, which is why I enjoy looking at them. Take the lightning photo. You could’ve simply selected the expanse. Cropped out the lights of human habitation in the lower left, but then it would’ve been just a cool photo of lightning. With the lights to the left, it becomes a subject piece on the divine and man. Safe harbor and danger. Darkness and light. I suspect all photographers do this, but you also realize you are standing somewhere, usually by yourself, taking the photo. You are then witness. I think this, more than anything, is what I have fallen in love with regarding photography. Being a witness to the earth. You have a great eye for an audience member, my friend!

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