Periwinkle Night

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The sky is dense in periwinkle, as a handful of stars float in the early twilight. Objects appear sharp across the horizon as the earth falls to shadow and day’s light holds a bit longer to a vanishing mountain range.

I am alone.

There is a rhythm to these sojourns. A natural gate that draws the breath and heart rate down. I smell a mix of the swamp and fresh melted snow. The tall windows of a nearby house are completely awash in the night sky, giving the illusion that east is west. I see the ripple of ducks swimming silently in the dark.

I am not alone.

The earth is a conversation the Universe is having with me. It speaks of love and passion. Richness and possibility. Renewal and evolution. Its song seeps up from the soil through the soles of my feet. Every step a serenade. My breath a kiss with a wind that invigorates my life force, as only a lover can. The night has become a devotional played on cricket backs to me.

The light slips over mountain crests, as silent as a furry moth and rises again within my breast, lighting my vision for home.

Midday Trail

There are few trees. Prairie mostly and stone. Coyote or fox scat litters the trail. Out here, probably coyote. Thank goodness rabbits are abundant as it is clear they are the main diet out here. As I move the occasional scurry in leaves is heard of a mole or vole. A titmouse follows me along the trail for some time before disappearing into the scrub.

Along the cliff faces I can see where swallows, falcons and kestrels are nesting. Bird droppings and mud houses aren’t hard to see from the trail. From a wildlife point of view this is like a high-rise in a busy urban area. They have the perfect vantage point of the prairie beyond. It’s surprisingly hot for a late winter’s day. I realize I should have left earlier. I rest upon a stone cluster for nuts and water.

Few travel the trails today, as it is midweek and I have taken the day off. This is how I like it best, but rarely find it on the weekends. Quiet, still, but for wildlife. The only discourse between the magpies and jays. The wind moves my hair as it moves the grasses. Seed pods land in my lap that have floated upon the air from a nearby stand of trees. I apologize for being such infertile soil and lay them upon the earth.

I try to remember things that have disturbed me of late, but out here in all of this expanse I struggle to pull anything to me. This is what draws me here again and again. The titmouse is back and I leave a few pumpkin seeds for her and head off down the trail. I become the wind as long as I keep walking.

Ode to the Magpie

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Free Bing photos

Aerodynamically speaking, the magpie is about as mis-designed a bird as they come. A beautiful bird with a ridiculously long tail. Watching them fly can often feel like watching Irishmen stumbling out of a pub. They sing their strange song, a cross between a blue jay and a crow, as if they were mockingbirds. Curiously, they don’t seem bothered one wit about their odd characteristics, nor do they merely make do. They make a rich life along lakes and streams where they build the most spectacular nests. Almost fully woven hanging baskets.

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Free Bing Photos

As I hiked I watched a pair collecting sticks and chattering away with one another. They have such an unusual call it is a bit hard to tell if they are bickering or lovingly calling to one another. Same could be said for many couples I know. As I watch, the thicket flashes with their white and blue wing markings as they look for debris to build with. Often in the trees and shrub all you can see is this long black group of feathers bobbing up and down. They are a very curious bird, indeed.

I can’t completely explain it but whenever I watch them fly they give me hope. We can all do more than make do with what we were given. We can build nests of rich lives with what we already possess in this moment. Whatever perceived personal flaws we think we have, we likely don’t or it was even intended for our adventure. There really aren’t design flaws. Spiritually speaking, it’s impossible.

Sharon Tate was once quoted to say, “Everything that’s realistic has some sort of ugliness to it. Even a flower is ugly when it wilts, a bird when it seeks pray, and ocean when it becomes violent.” The trick is to penetrate deeply into what lies before you. To really look at a thing or a person or a situation with your inner vision, until the beauty of it becomes apparent. We aren’t changed or made better by witnessing beauty in these moments, but rather the effort causes us to see the beauty within ourselves reflected in what we see.

So here’s to the magpie. May they fly long and far.

Right to dream… What efforts we can do to help needy.

I’m reblogging this piece now, because it hasn’t left my mind since I saw it. I have found myself thinking about this pair and their chalked out home for the last few days. The image is arresting. But I didn’t want to fall into the mental trap of “Oh, how tragic. How can children live this way?” Not that we shouldn’t react this way, but how often have I reacted and not really looked more closely to consider who I’m looking at? I wasn’t even sure I wanted to merely respond with money to some charitable organization like Heifer International, which for the record is an incredible institution.They are truly helping people become self-sufficient. I wanted to look at this image and really think about this pair. Not as a socio-political statement, but for who they may be and what is happening for them in their current situation.

Every one of us is on a journey of one kind or another. None of us can truly know what lessons or discoveries are being made by other people, on their very specific pathway. Nor, I think, do we have the right to judge that journey. Life is given to us and we each must figure out what we’ll do with it. My lessons aren’t your lessons and vice versa. I believe we can support, encourage, love each other along the way, but the interpretation of the experience is for each of us to make. So then, I am on my journey and I am faced with this photo I can’t stop thinking about.

The girl in particular really captured me. Left with nothing, she is quite literally using her mind and hands to create for herself what does not exist. Her imagination is powerful enough not to be shut down by having nothing. This isn’t a small thing. This may be the essence of life sitting there with chalk in her hands. Despite all reasons to despair she draws. She does not give up on a vision. She holds it steady and begins to create, though many would simply find it painful to even contemplate. She is hope personified. She is the power of life to persist when circumstances should say otherwise. She is the deep green weed growing up through cracked cement. She defies her circumstances, at least, in the sense her mind is anything but asleep.

Maybe she loves her brother, maybe he’s not her brother at all, maybe she just feels like drawing, but she most definitely planned on giving this make believe bed to the boy. And so, she is not merely creative and intelligent, she is also big hearted. She offers comfort in a place where there is none. This is what we are all made of. We are not callousness and anger, fear and poverty. Not really. At our core exists this little girl in all of us. The capacity to give, love and create, no matter how much has been lost and no matter how dire the circumstances. It is unclear if the boy even knows she’s doing it, but I believe completely they are both impacted by her gesture.

“So shines a good deed in a weary world.” Shakespeare

There is absolutely no doubt this image should make us all take pause that children should live with so little and under such conditions. We all have the ability to do something, even if it’s small, to impact the lives of those less fortunate. I also think this image should inspire. That regardless what you face you are never without tools, meager as they may seem. You can create worlds, even when you have nothing material, with what is inside you. You can look for hope, even when all seems as if you should despair. Your hands are never empty of what love and comfort you can give yourself and others.

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Come closer
I offer more than a glimpse
I am fuller than light across the sill

Let me take your breath away with my vastness

I do not fear you looking in
Seeing my bent tree and cracked stone
On balance I am the grand view not the lone pebble.


Re-posted from Collective Evolution Facebook page

Re-posted from Collective Evolution Facebook page

Cracked open
Human seed exposed
Germinating in decay
Rotted trunk gardens
Brewing organisms in deathbeds
Steeped in sun and water
Igniting delicious
Hunger for


That’s Amore

Most people who know me well know that I have a DJ playing music in my head all night. No matter the hour, if I get up to go the bathroom or arise in the morning there is music playing in my head. Much of it is predictable. Tunes I have been listening to or singing a great deal lately. But many nights it’s random stuff that is hard to explain, with this one exception. These outliers always make me laugh. I am convinced the DJ is this funky angel who used to be a beat singer in the sixties or a drummer in the Congo at the turn of the last century. Who ever it is they are immensely amusing. This was what I awoke to this morning. A merry Tuesday to you all.

Good Morning Moon

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Free Bing photo

Good morning, Moon. You wondrous lover who awaits my rising blinds to greet me each morning. Some days you are as full as my good fortunes. Other days you are little more than a whisper at the top of grass, but there you are, all the same. We are companions you and I, rising and falling with the tides of our day. You have taught me so much, my friend, let me tell you. You have lit my way on many a darkened path and when you are but a sliver of existence, you have shown me how, even then, it is possible to cast your light for all to see.