Midday Trail

There are few trees. Prairie mostly and stone. Coyote or fox scat litters the trail. Out here, probably coyote. Thank goodness rabbits are abundant as it is clear they are the main diet out here. As I move the occasional scurry in leaves is heard of a mole or vole. A titmouse follows me along the trail for some time before disappearing into the scrub.

Along the cliff faces I can see where swallows, falcons and kestrels are nesting. Bird droppings and mud houses aren’t hard to see from the trail. From a wildlife point of view this is like a high-rise in a busy urban area. They have the perfect vantage point of the prairie beyond. It’s surprisingly hot for a late winter’s day. I realize I should have left earlier. I rest upon a stone cluster for nuts and water.

Few travel the trails today, as it is midweek and I have taken the day off. This is how I like it best, but rarely find it on the weekends. Quiet, still, but for wildlife. The only discourse between the magpies and jays. The wind moves my hair as it moves the grasses. Seed pods land in my lap that have floated upon the air from a nearby stand of trees. I apologize for being such infertile soil and lay them upon the earth.

I try to remember things that have disturbed me of late, but out here in all of this expanse I struggle to pull anything to me. This is what draws me here again and again. The titmouse is back and I leave a few pumpkin seeds for her and head off down the trail. I become the wind as long as I keep walking.

15 thoughts on “Midday Trail

    • I grew up on a lake near long island sound. I have spent much of my life near the sea. This turn near the mountains has been hugely rewarding, but I do miss the smell of the ocean.

    • Isn’t that so true. Whenever I’m stressed out, just walking out into nature completely changes my mood and focus. And really, on your side of the planet there is so much that is incredibly beautiful to capture the mind. Your photos are testament to that.

    • I remember when I was 10 seeing John Denver on television at his home in Aspen. I remember distinctly thinking, “One day I’ll live near those mountains.” Funny how things work out. If you are ever out this way, I would be delighted to be your guide. As is obvious , by now, it isn’t difficult to get me on the trail.

      • I’ve hiked all over Colorado, haha. One of my favorite states, if not my favorite state. I particularly love Silverton, Telluride, etc. Aspen is nice but it’s not my speed. I prefer Ouray. 🙂

      • Aspen is no one’s speed today. In the 70’s I suspect it was much hipper. Ouray is particularly beautiful. Yes, any of those would be lovely. I haven’t been to Telluride yet. I’d planned on going to see the great White Crane migration through White Sands but just couldn’t get my schedule to open up. Next year for sure.

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