Good Morning Moon

Free Bing photo

Free Bing photo

Good morning, Moon. You wondrous lover who awaits my rising blinds to greet me each morning. Some days you are as full as my good fortunes. Other days you are little more than a whisper at the top of grass, but there you are, all the same. We are companions you and I, rising and falling with the tides of our day. You have taught me so much, my friend, let me tell you. You have lit my way on many a darkened path and when you are but a sliver of existence, you have shown me how, even then, it is possible to cast your light for all to see.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning Moon

    • I can’t explain the growing love affair between us. When I least expect it, there she hangs in my periphery alerting me all is well. Thanks for coming by my place. I’d offer you come coffee if I could, but instead will come by your place.

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