Come closer
I offer more than a glimpse
I am fuller than light across the sill

Let me take your breath away with my vastness

I do not fear you looking in
Seeing my bent tree and cracked stone
On balance I am the grand view not the lone pebble.

6 thoughts on “Window

  1. Oh I love landscape “windows” that give the special view or a glimpse at what is beyond if you venture there. Seems as though you will unveil a secret if you continue on through the opening… adventure awaits.

  2. Noelle, these are beautiful images! I wish i was sitting in one of those windows, absorbing the sun, the beauty, the peace.
    Thank you for sharing!
    (It’s been so long since I’ve had a moment to catch up on anyone’s blog, let alone my own. It’s good to be here!)

    • I had a number of days like that this week. I’ve actually cut back on posting so I can continue to contribute to my life here. It’s all about finding that balance, isn’t it? This isn’t a casual offer. If you ever make it on your bike this way, I’ll gladly take you there. You’ll love it. How’s the campaign going?

      • It’s going very well (I think at least, being new to the state level of politics). It’s taking time away from things that I love, but I’m trying to find balance. Thanks for asking!

      • My Dad was involved in City and State politics in Connecticut from the time was a toddler. He ran other’s campaigns, ran for city seats, including mayor of my home town. My brother worked for Julianni in NYC, another brother is active in political groups. Another brother works all the polling sites on election day and is hugely into politics, too. I’ll confess for myself little interest, but I am very aware of what it takes to run for an office. It takes immense courage and endurance. A tough skin, while being able to still show kindness and compassion. Clarity of ideas while under fire. No small feat. I wish you much good fortune on this journey, my friend. You will learn so much about yourself this year. No matter what happens on the road, make sure your lessons are always good ones for you.

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