If pain, sorrow, regret, confusion or fear are appearing in your present experience right now, do not turn away, do not use the labels ‘dark’ or ‘negative’, do not assume any kind of cosmic deviation or ‘sin’. For these are sacred and intelligent life-movements, all, undivided from the vastness of creation, waves of the limitless ocean of Self. They are your beloved children, all, forgotten movements of yourself, longing for your warm presence – a moment of undivided attention. “Remember me!” they cry, one last time, and will you ignore them today? Or will you finally accept your birth right? Will you remember that everything you long for is already appearing, disguised as everything you reject?

Will you remember that you cannot be anywhere other than Home?” ~ Jeff Foster

Explosion of Life

Image re-posted from The Mind Unleashed Facebook page

Image re-posted from The Mind Unleashed Facebook page

I am an explosion of life
A quasar in a inky, black Universe
Demanding my light ignite the night
I give forth the cool spring fed spot in a warm summer lake
As the trout leaps to the dancing of the gnat
I am pregnant with the pregnant pause
Spinning wildly the eye of the storm turning as a dreidel
The gush of air on the inhalation before the soprano’s note
And the loud guffaw of the homeless man careening on the curb
I am a butterfly clawing out of the chrysalis
And the caterpillar spinning my cocoon
Dew drips from my leaves
Sparkling diamonds on spider’s web
As headlights flood the interstate
Sucking out silence, an undertow with no bottom
I am a hungry belly starving for sustenance
Through the eyes of the desperate man who sees the oasis
While the tigress drinks unafraid at the edge of the silent pool
The hand before it plucks the cord
The vibration of the piano key struck
Rose petals fall
As coffin lid clicks
Lifting up my eagle’s wings as I dash into the air current of love
Cracking like thunder with nothing but silence in my wake
I stretch beyond the hairs on the skin
My force felt as a blast from the great furnaces
Roaring into now
I am an explosion of life