Night Hawk

Baby Cooper's Hawk; Free Bing Photos

Baby Cooper’s Hawk; Free Bing Photos

I hear the call of a young hawk in the twilight. It’s calling to it’s parents for food. It’s a distinct sound. Plaintive, persistent and young.  It calls as if it has not eaten in days or with a sound one would associate with deep loneliness. But it is fed with great care by parents never truly out of sight. I have struggled, of late, to realize this is how I have been praying. Plaintive, persistent and with an immaturity difficult to face. It would be easy to allow this growing awareness to burn my wings and bring me down. Yet, the key piece of the analogy is the parent aloft and ever watchful. Equally persistence in it’s readiness to feed me what I need. My youthful demands do not change the parenting. It is steady, attentive and focused. I may pray like an eyas certain it will starve for food, but Source Energy patiently awaits and knows I am growing steadily into a great flyer.