2 thoughts on “Photo Poem 4

  1. okay… If you promise not to psychoanalyze me I’ll answer:

    A butterfly.
    A dragon with it’s head reared up breathing fire into the sky.
    A soaring eagle looking down on to the earth.
    Smoke trails floating up into the night sky parting evenly around the blinding glow of the mooon.

    • No psychoanalysis. Just love what people see. I posted the pic on my Facebook page and one person posted that they saw a man peacefully walking out of a canyon. Beautiful. I love your smoke rising and dragon. When people tell me what they see it forces me to go back and look at my own work differently which makes the piece new all over again. And in a way, not mine. Your perspective for those moments makes the piece yours and I am getting to appreciate your piece of work. That is when a piece of art becomes magic.

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