Re-post from Hippie Peace Freaks Facebook page

Re-post from Hippie Peace Freaks Facebook page

Large and wide as the Indian Ocean. Breaching this now moment with the grandness of orchids wild along the road to Bangkok from Phuket. Growing in vision that trips over the expected and launches the blind traveler on paths forgotten, but laden with the smell of spice lands and dark forest loam. Fuller still with promises of sparkly bangles and tea cakes and rich dark coffee. Exploding on the senses with a lover’s kiss and the freshness of new snow. A wilderness of the heart that leaps from a backyard to the Russian Steps flowing in winter wheat and endless horizons. Unstable with its possibilities of more and more and more. Chemical interactions that leave you spinning in a world of spiritual alchemy. Expansion. The hunger of the human spirit and the seed that births Universes.

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