Field Sprites

Bear Lake:  Photo by Noelle

Bear Creek Lake: Photo by Noelle

Late afternoon and they are the briefest flash. Light catchers snagging flames before dark. I don’t know who I was before I was the one who sees them. I suspect it doesn’t matter now. Once the heart sees it can never be truly blind again.

10 thoughts on “Field Sprites

    • Thank you, my friend. I’m heading over to your blog, myself. I realize I haven’t seen one of your pieces in the past couple of weeks. Not sure if I’m just missing them in the blog feed or not, but will spend some time enjoying. Happy Tuesday.

    • I think, Karen, that we often see our life in this linear way of one event after another, but I think it is more like a web. As we awaken we see in this incredible 360 degree way. Our past is viewed differently, our future – all impacted by what we let in now. Incredible, really. Thank you for stopping in. Love your site.

      • It’s interesting, I’m not sure I really understood what it meant to live fully in appreciation and gratitude until the last few years. To realize it is in finding beauty and joy in a single blade of grass. That sounds so lofty, but when you dig into your heart deeply it’s like a child that comes completely undone by the simplest things. The smallest of beauties.

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