No idea where these images are from. My Aunt Liz sent them in an email.

Ah Valentine’s Day… A chance to remember love, yes? If we let go of the chocolate, diamonds, and Hallmark cards what is left? What is love beyond this day of hearts and flowers?

It is your complete awareness of your beauty alone in the dark.
It is laughter at your own jokes.
It is a willingness to be yourself despite what anyone else thinks.
It is dancing badly and singing even worse.
It is having such faith in the sacredness of all life you leave all to be who they are.
It is remembering why you fell in love with a person, a place, a song.
It is risking your former self to discover who you haven’t met within you yet.
It is making sacrifices because your inner love can’t help but spill onto all whom you love.
It is an inner well of such goodness you withhold judgment and criticism
It is a generosity of spirit that sees and expresses divine beauty and grace to all whom you meet.
It is filling your heart with the smallest, most mundane moments of your ordinary life and feeling immense gratitude for them.
It is knowing that the Universe pours love on you as a great river without ending.

Nothing brings love through the front door. It grows out of you as the oak from the acorn. It rises up a great fountain and floods your Universe. You are not empty and given love. You are love and when you anchor your mind there the world explodes in more facets than any diamond you have ever seen.

7 thoughts on “Love

  1. Thanks for the wonderful litany of love. It always helps to be reminded especially on a very cold blustery day….it puts the sun back in the sky!

  2. There’s so much to take in and ponder in this post. I love these two:
    “It is filling your heart with the smallest, most mundane moments of your ordinary life and feeling immense gratitude for them” and that love “grows out of you”.
    Really great post

    • Thank you, my friend. I’ve been pondering love a great deal lately. Being single there is that habit of thinking we are without love, but really when we love ourselves so thoroughly that we appreciate each moment we are so full of a love that never comes and goes. It just is.

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