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Love these moments
That feeling when you know you are on the edge
A cliff of sorts
A place where you can feel your previous self just falling away
When leaping is just the next logical step
Not even a grand gesture
Just the natural unfoldment of life
You look down and the height is nothing to you
It’s nothing to freefall into this unknown
It’s what you were made for…….. flight

So few of us get this
Little in life is a grand gesture
Do the work
Have the discipline
Step into the little fears, day in and day out
Then when you reach the cliff
It feels simple
A precipice that was made for you
Made for your exhilarated moment of freedom

6 thoughts on “Precipice

  1. We are torn between our ego and universal consciousness. Both are within us, two opposite poles inside us; heaven and earth, as many wise men and women have been saying through the ages.
    The jump from the cliff is the moment you leave your earthbound petit ego and let yourself go into the great unknown we yearn for deep inside… call it SELF, one mind, universal consciousness, Tao, God… samadhi, Nirvana… whatever. This is our true nature……..not the false security we feel in top of the cliff.

    • Completely agree with you, my dear friend. It is about growing out of your small self and realizing how much a part of a great, vast whole you are. In that moment, what is a cliff face, but a simple step…. Thank you for stopping in to visit. Peace and grace to you. N

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