Inviting a Monkey to Tea

Milk stain on asphalt. Photography

Milk stain on asphalt. Photography by Noelle

Off Cushion Study in Mindfulness Better Known as Inviting A Monkey to Tea

My mind wants to wander to that house problem.
I feel it pulling.
Did I start the dishwasher?
No, I don’t need to wander off.
Stay present.
Leaves are moving on the tree in my peripheral vision.
The cat yawns a lion’s roar.
What will I do with that carpet stain?
Ugh, that is not what is happening now.
Feet are cozy in socks.
Light falls across the windowpane.
Breakfast is warm in my belly.
Anticipation in my heart for art exhibit.
Muscles stretched in yoga.
What will I do about that house…
Ahhh, you wander, it’s okay that breakfast is still warm in your belly, go there.
Painting on wall is still my favorite.
Lines of room are soothing and peaceful.
House is quiet…
House… house… muscles are warm from yoga.
Air moves across my arm.
Mind is open to spirit.
Heart follows.
Begins with an H
Like house…

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