Sacred Geometry: Photo Poem 10

Sacred Geometry: Photo collage by Noelle

Sacred Geometry: Photo collage by Noelle

What I love about this piece is its a cesspool. I’m sure the people who saw me crawl down to the sewer drain must have thought me mad, but I love the texture of this. Stone against cement, pouring out water that is so stagnant algae has grown upon the surface. Play with it and arrange the shapes and add color and you suddenly have a piece of sacred geometry that is erupting beautifully out of its history of waste, stagnation and eye sore. To me this is the power of photography and images. We can see beauty in what, at first glance was ugliness. Do this in your environment daily and you have developed a very powerful mindfulness practice. You are engaging in a form of meditation. You are freeing yourself from seeing only the rational world and opening yourself to the drive of creation and life itself. Namaste.

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