Limitless Heart

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There’s a point where we simply have to accept there is no limit to how much we can love. That this moment we are in now is always the beginning of our expanding heart. We are never at an end point. Everything you know and can experience is evolving. This Earth, the Universe, plankton in the sea – you. Nothing is stagnant and most certainly not your heart. We have to stop seeing ourselves as limited lovers. We use the moments where we fall short to love to confirm we have boundaries because we fear to step across the horizon. We don’t know who that version of us is, so we accept our frailties as sure signs that this is who we are. Yet those moments are just us cracking the chrysalis. We’re gnawing off the chain, splitting our emotional atom and losing our religion that says, “This is all that I am.”

It’s time we stepped up to the bar, laid down the money and said, “I’m in. I’m in with everything I’ve got. I’ll slay whatever dragons. Today and every day henceforth I am free to love more than I ever thought possible.”

2 thoughts on “Limitless Heart

  1. Profound! Need to think and work on this some. An amazing concept that has flittered on the edge of my consciousness, now I need to put it front and center and when ready make the commitment.

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