Jockeys: Flash Non-Fiction

Image pulled from The Mind Unleashed Facebook page

Image pulled from The Mind Unleashed Facebook page

The deep secret of the divorce. I stole a pair of my exes jockey shorts. The ones that are actually like shorts. Gray cotton soft, gentle waist band and my ass looks great in them. Even the flap in the front seems to flatten my belly. I love that flap. Like the secret door to a magical mystery tour. I wear them to bed or dance Zumba topless around the house. The naughtiness is in the theft and that they’re the wrong sex for my wide hip need. My friend thinks it’s odd, but I challenge she simply lacks the courage to step out of the feminine box. We tell men to find some estrogen, well I dig the testosterone rush when I slide them on. Sexy and charged is what they give my lazy Sunday’s reading the paper.

They remind me of him, in the way he liked my style. My need to be only me. For many reasons, I needed to let him go, but his jockeys still belong to me. It’s the part of the story of us that still lives in my jeans.

(Work in progress from The Writer’s Church in Boulder. Hosted by Marj Hahne and inspired by “Pink Pantsuit” by Nancy Simpson)

3 thoughts on “Jockeys: Flash Non-Fiction

  1. Love your soft grey sexy transition object…so much healthier that to cut them up in a million jagged pieces (the elastic of the band blunting your best kitchen scissors, a million jagged thoughts blunting the best of what you are.)

  2. Thanks. I think we’d all feel a little better if we could celebrate what was, rather than tear it down. We think we need to destroy it to move on. Not always. Thanks for visiting. I was thinking of you today, so delightful to get your note. Are you on IT much anymore?

  3. I am in a functional sense using it – always will as long as it persists – but have been stewing in my study “sewer” (a paper on postmodern psychotherapy is a week late, have a talk to give next week on transgender which i haven’t quite got my head around and cant get time off work – painful!!) so have to not be looking at groups and endlessly musing on what my response is as im given to doing.
    Feel guilty even re meditation/yoga sometimes as not sure if some of it isnt another form of avoidance.
    Making little comments here is quick (between work emails) and such an enjoyment to visit:)

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