Continent of Mud: Photo Poem 37

The story of mud: Photo by Noelle

A story in mud: Photo by Noelle

When I was young everything had to have order. I liked symmetry and balance. If there was a block of blue on the left, than there must be a block of blue on the right. A proper picture of my family home had a sun and green grass. Beauty was related to this curious and predictable pattern of things. I have left that land and wandered into a story of randomness and chaos. What completely lacks symmetry and order possesses the most exquisite beauty to me. A sense of inner balance discovered that clearly was lacking when my outer world was perfectly planned.

Mud over flowers. I am deeply happy here.

12 thoughts on “Continent of Mud: Photo Poem 37

    • Everybody’s gotta quirk. I have to eat my M&M’s in a certain order: brown, orange, red, yellow, blue green. We do what we must to be happy. Thanks for the visit and taking the time to comment.

  1. It’s funny, Esther, but I actually find meditating in airports surprisingly easy. It’s all that external chaos that makes it possible to ignore my own brain. I just drift with the din of humans on the move. Blessings to your Sunday

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