Growing Waking Up

Reposted from Meditation Masters Facebook page

Reposted from Meditation Masters Facebook page

When I was married, I was asleep
This was no fault of my husband’s
I was waiting for my life
I blamed this on my husband
Wisely, he ignored me
So I stewed
Small things like paint and paper
Make a big difference
Glue and art classes
Masterpieces on walls
Plaster and glass
I saw a path and it grew
Which led to my divorce
And my friendship with my
Sometimes goodness comes
Not from demanding something
Be something else
But rather awakening to what is
Really feeling and touching its

This is how you grow, waking up

11 thoughts on “Growing Waking Up

  1. This is moving by its personal character and vulnerability. Art and selfexpression lead to freedom. Love may turn into friendship and then again friendship into love. Who can tell exactly where the boundary is? May you be well, my friend. May you be happy. May you be free from suffering. May you live in light, love and beauty.

    • I am so happy and well, my friend. It is becoming difficult to remember times when I wasn’t this delighted with life. But then again, I don’t try very hard to recall. This moment is so lovely to live in. Thanks for stopping in and sitting a spell.

    • So true. Like a bad dream you just can’t quite recall anymore. And all the good that has come…. Wow… I’d do it all again to be where I am today. Thanks for stopping in, my friend. Blessings to your Sunday.

    • Yes, it most definitely has been. Isn’t it really our struggles that break us free of the coccoon? Thanks for stopping in and following my blog. Blessings to your day, my friend.

      • Wow! You just reminded me of a post I read where a butterfly was “struggling” to get out of its cocoon and a child cut it to help it out…but that made his wings malformed…so the child didn’t help the butterfly the way he intended.
        so yes, maybe…Most certainly? …we need to go through our struggles to be strong for the next step!! 🙂
        I’m very happy we connected! Have a super blessed day!

  2. I love your words of “Wisely, he ignored me”. He couldn’t help doing so because you didn’t have deep listening capacity at that time. I am glad to hear your friendship with your Ex-husband. Goodness comes Not from Attachment (demanding) but rather comes from Detachment (awakening). Thank you for sharing your painful experience.

    • If we allow our sorrows and suffering to truly and deeply transform us, then really, there is no real sorrow and their is no real suffering. There is just the broken seed she’ll we leave behind. Thanks for stopping in, my friend.

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