Images from a Train: Underpasses

I’ve worked with the homeless for many years. Maybe that’s why I sometimes ponder good places to sleep If I ever lose my roof. Crawl spaces and covered benches, or in this case, underpasses. I’m not really sure why I do this. I’ve never been homeless, not even close. Still, I look at abandoned buildings and secret stairwells and think, “I could make that work.” Then proceed to look for gas stations and WalMarts where I surmise I could get cleaned up and still go to work. I calculate how long it would take me to climb out of an eighteenth century sewer tunnel and back into housing. Oddly, I look for places that have light. Even homeless I can’t bear the thought of no sunlight.

This underpass was perfect. So many nooks and crannies and beautiful shafts of light. Note to self: In a pinch, just outside Des Moines.