Images from a Train: Underpasses

I’ve worked with the homeless for many years. Maybe that’s why I sometimes ponder good places to sleep If I ever lose my roof. Crawl spaces and covered benches, or in this case, underpasses. I’m not really sure why I do this. I’ve never been homeless, not even close. Still, I look at abandoned buildings and secret stairwells and think, “I could make that work.” Then proceed to look for gas stations and WalMarts where I surmise I could get cleaned up and still go to work. I calculate how long it would take me to climb out of an eighteenth century sewer tunnel and back into housing. Oddly, I look for places that have light. Even homeless I can’t bear the thought of no sunlight.

This underpass was perfect. So many nooks and crannies and beautiful shafts of light. Note to self: In a pinch, just outside Des Moines.

5 thoughts on “Images from a Train: Underpasses

  1. Maybe it came out of your concern for the well-being of the homeless? I agree that you can’t bear no sunlight. Because I have an experience that I couldn’t endure no sunlight for a full day in a snack maker factory where sunlight was perfectly shut. I felt like a living corpse and I was convinced that I can never survive without nature. By the way, whenever you have time, please visit my blog (click my name) and find my drawing of the whole picture of human life. I will be glad if you comment on my drawing. Thank you for your cooperation in advance, my friend.

  2. You have empathy for those who are homeless and that affords compassion and respect.
    On a lighter note, I see an underpass and think of shelter from the storm when riding the bike 🙂

    • Of that I am certain. People think rain is soft until you are on a motorcycle and it’s pelting your face. Feels like rocks! So glad you came by and I love your blog. Your photos are great, especially the one’s with bugs. I can never seem to get a great bug shot. They always fly off, so well done. I’m heading to your place now, as a matter of fact. Happy weekend, my friend.

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