Images from a Train: Sunset in the Farmland

The sunset rolled in on long lines and parallel shafts of deepening orange. The clicking of the rails, with the steady rocking, left my limbs heavy in the seat. Tracters were rolling toward the barns outside my window and the swallows had taken up vigil on telephone lines. At day’s end even the birds know it is best to simply sit and witness.

11 thoughts on “Images from a Train: Sunset in the Farmland

    • You know, I’ll confess, Hitoshi that I don’t really look at the ego in this way. I am not of the thinking that the ego is a negative or a burden to escape. I do think you did a good job of explaining what is a belief many hold about the ego. So in that sense, well said, even if I don’t share that point of view. As always, thanks for the visit to my site, my friend.

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