Remembering Summer

Cold and blustery, with dark clouds drifting down the Colorado hog backs in misty waterfalls is my day. With little resistance, my mind turns back to summer and the warm ocean breezes of July. Seashells and plastic pales full of crabs and snails and minnows whipping my ankles. Makeshift moats around lopsided sand castles built for love, not defense. I remember that hours of heat had left us all lazy, but for the surf and boogie boards with the kids. My father was not here, as he passed last year, but I am certain he would’ve liked to see us all together. Surely summer, more than any other season, moves with the speed of seagulls dashing for french fries on the wharf. I’d give anything to push my toes into that sand, rather than wrap this blanket about my shoulders. I suspect soon I will long for fall leaves as I put on my snow boots, scarf and hat. Ah, se la vie. Contentment, I guess, is as fickle as summer kites.

6 thoughts on “Remembering Summer

  1. Although I was ready to come home and see my friends, now I long to be back living on the side of a mountain complaining about the tough walks uphill to the grocery store. We are restless in our discontent struggling to stay in the Now.

    • My name is Noelle, I was born in winter and I live next to the Rockies…. winter is my middle name! I don’t know what it was, as I usually love blustery days, but I think I just wasn’t quite ready to relinquish summer yet. Oh well, as always, the Earth does its own thing. Today is a perfectly delicious, sunny, fall day. There are trails begging for my feet. Thanks for stopping in. Such a joy to wake up to your visit. Have a great weekend, my friend.

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