Images from a Train: Town of Long Gone

A storm rolled in over a small midwestern town. Shops long closed from economies long gone invited the melancholy. Brick offered a break with its beauty, but few passed by to take in the charm. In the late afternoon, a brooding rain came to a dying village, watering stories long gone, too.

5 thoughts on “Images from a Train: Town of Long Gone

    • I realize nothing is permanent and in death there is always birth, even if I can’t see it. Still, I can’t help feel a loss and a nostalgia for what once was. Maybe that is my own death calling, though. Thank you for stopping in, my friend.

    • Hahaha…. I should’ve thought of you! I haven’t a clue. Somewhere in the midwest along the Amtrak line. The brick just totally took me in. The Amtrak line passes through literally dozens of small, dead, poor towns through the midwest. Then again, maybe that’s just what’s left by the rail line. Now you want to see an odd town, go to Lincoln, Nebraska. It’s got this huge Nebraska Huskers infrastructure and tourism, and then the downtown has literally dozens of empty shops. You drive in from the interstate and there’s a massive, new Huskers stadium and then as you pass it and head into town it’s like all life just disappears. Five pm on a weekday and I could’ve almost lied down in the middle of a downtown intersection. Crazy. I love train and road trips. So much to see. All of it beautiful but for different reasons, like this town. I did think of you the other day when I got a travel blog on Hasankeyf, Turkey. It’s an ancient town I think about to be swallowed up by the Tigris dam.
      Might be interesting, as the destruction hasn’t actually happened yet.

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