When I was younger I was easily angered by our species neglect and destruction of the earth and nature. It was a source of political debate and protest. Now a deep sadness comes, not merely for the bits of nature damaged or lost, but for humanity’s spirit that is damaged and lost, as well.

5 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. You know I am with you on this one. There are times it makes me feel physically sick and others a deep pain within. I can’t read the newsletters that come in sometimes. It gets overwhelming in its scope and cruelty and I don’t want to lose hope. Hope is the star that leads me onward.

  2. Healing yourself is necessary. The easiest method is to accept yourself unconditionally in order to revive true self (non-separate self) in the present moment. If you can accept yourself unconditionally, you can accept others unconditionally as well. If it is not enough, you need sangha building for the collective energy.

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