For a moment, I thought I was Alice, as its great maw gaped at me. Ah to tumble down into the dark and see where it should lead. Maybe to find Wonderland. One never truly outgrows the hunger for adventure and a new storyline, do they?

16 thoughts on “Alice

    • Isn’t it funny? All of us walking around looking for holes to fall down. How did we come to create worlds with such predictability, habit and routine, when really, all of our hearts yearn for open fields and rabbit holes?

  1. Glorious post full of the joy of adventure and taking life (with all its turns) as it comes♥
    Am even loving this dialogue of replies to your sweet post here! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your light and for dropping by my site with your warmth, my friend.
    Do take good care and stay precious, too

    • Me, too and truthfully, I think it is the true Fountain of Youth. The desire to still go out into the world and be surprised by it and yourself. That, more than anything, is what keeps you young. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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