Tree I Know

Quite some time passes when I am in the company of a tree I feel I know. Some I do, as in I have grown up with them or pass them often on my walks. We have that familiarity of time and company. Others simply stop me because I KNOW them, deep at the center of me. Maybe they feel the same. A sense of deep woodiness at the center of their being about me. I walk among them, along creek beds and down into the marsh, running my hands on their bark. Rough and rutted I scratch my back like a bear. I understand Muir’s passion to protect them. I, too, find it hard to return home. The company they offer runs as rich and deep as their roots.

18 thoughts on “Tree I Know

  1. I love the flaming red against the deep blue of the sky but also the desaturated image that accentuates the light behind the’s like an explosion of the elements of nature..just beautiful !

    • So glad you mentioned that, because I almost didn’t post the colored version. I thought the black and white a bit more dramatic, but there is something about an autumn blue sky. So rich in color. So decided to leave it. So truly, thanks.

      • Oh I’m glad you didn’t..the tree looks like is almost on fire..superb colours !..personally I would loose some portion of the lower part of the that the attention is captured fully by the explosive colours of the top of the picture..I like it a lot !!

      • Great tip, thank you. I kept the darker bottom half because it seemed to cause the top part to punch forward, at least in the B&W. I’ll play with it some more. I often forget cropping, honestly, so seriously, thanks.

    • I actually believe that. I believe we have no idea how deep our connection to them goes. Far more than just the exchange of air, but that is certainly intimate enough. I, alas, was not born with a voice. I think they like the rub down they get from me better!

  2. I recently purchased forested acreage, I now have hundreds of trees to bond with! As a city boy this has been a lifelong dream. Your piece here resonated with me on that note, I love being around the trees. So peaceful.

    Fun fact: Trees don’t beat their wives, lie to voters, or have religious wars. Ergo trees > humans.

    Just kidding.

    Not really kidding though. 😀

    • Trees are far better creatures than us, I must confess. They whisper the most lovely stories of beauty, depth and the hunger for deep blue sky. I envy your purchase. Urban sprawl, as I’m sure you won’t be surprised is one of my least favorite things in all the world. I battle with this, as everyone always wants to be the last one into a neighborhood. How to balance use of land? I live near the Rockies and I watch the spread out of Denver, taking away beautiful prairie and sloping hillsides. I dream often of buying up the land so no more building can happen and the skies can remain dark and full of stars at night. I retain hope I will still get to do this one day. Enjoy your plot. You have made the world a bit better with it.

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