Night Rain

From the roof of my hospital: Photo by Noelle

From the roof of my hospital: Photo by Noelle

The hour is late and sleep should have long since found me, but instead I lay and listen to the steady rain upon the roof. It had been snow earlier, but now the temps hold above freezing and it comes down in taps obliterating any evidence that winter once lived here. I feel an odd sorrow for her passing, but know it will be brief. By weekend’s end this same rain will fuel an eruption of life that this dark, wet night hardly can ponder.

In the the light of my neighbor’s window cast upon the ceiling of my room, I see the rain drops running down the windows as shadows moving above me. I am reminded of old grief that once felt as heavy as the vanishing wet snow, but now, like rain to the irises in their beds it is the fuel to a heart breaking through dirt.

The bed is warm and dry, the cats snuggled close and asleep. It seems a shame to drift off to sleep in this cozy cocoon, but even butterflies must rest to break free.

14 thoughts on “Night Rain

  1. Hi Noelle,
    I’ve not be able to visit many blogs this past month and I’ve missed visiting my friends. I sense a mixture of melancholy and comfort in your words. I hope you are well.

    • Oh yes, I am most well. I was remembering watching the rain fall a couple of years ago when I was filled with grief over many losses. I was noting to myself how now I have grown so much from those earlier pains. Such is life. Out of our greatest losses come our new beginnings. Speaking of beginnings, how goes the campaign?

    • Sorry it sounded sad, it wasn’t sad at all, but others thought that, too. I was thinking on the grief I had a couple of years ago that now seems to be fueling a much richer life for me now, though at the time I thought it would bury me. Much like the snowy rain feels cold and uninviting, yet it is what will fuel the spring flowers. Delighted you liked it.

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