Rain Lullaby

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It’s a steady and soft staccato upon the roof. With no wind it’s pattern is a gentle, but persistent tapping on my heart. Rain, like snow, creates a cocoon made of water. I watch it stream down windows; a cleansing power that pours over my mind. Everything shifts slightly under its trance. I step out onto the deck, below the eaves. Water, alight from street lamps, streams off the roof as brilliant water gems. The air is infused with moisture and wraps my body, delicate and cool. I let it seep in and breathe deep of the fresh atmosphere. This may be the great healer.

Back inside the lights in the house are warmer, the blanket pile thicker, the silence within, deeper. Come to me, sweet sleep, and let us slip away on a rain lullaby.

8 thoughts on “Rain Lullaby

    • I love the sound of rain. I have a sound machine and several audios, too of the sound. When I’m talking to people about learning to meditate I usually recommend just sitting with the sound of rain for five minutes. Pull up a YouTube of rain that you like, close your eyes and breathe slowly for five to ten minutes. That’s one of the simplest and maybe even the best meditation for most people.

  1. Your words take us with you to that rain-sheltered deck beneath the eaves. I can almost feel the cleansing presence of the rain and smell the fresh air tinged with humidity. I like your suggestion above of meditating to the sound of rain and will try it. Wishing you a peace and beauty filled week ahead.

    • Definitely try the rain. It’s how I finally got into a daily habit. I started with five minutes of just sitting in a quiet room listening with headphones to rain on youtube. So soothing. It quickly became addictive to have those few minutes out of my day. That was about 8 years ago, so you never know where a little rain can take you.

      • I know what you mean when you say it can become addictive to have those few minutes of peace and quiet in your day – when I don’t manage it my whole energy is completely different – and I’m not even really talking about meditating, just taking that time to be with myself quietly. I’d like to build up to a daily meditation habit, too, and starting small like this sounds approachable, thank you.

      • You are very right about your energy being off. If I miss some amount of quiet time with myself daily, I just get weird. I’m more irritable and easily annoyed. Even a walk around the block by myself can have a huge impact. Definitely try the rain sitting. You’ll love it.

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