Between Two Storms

Apex: Photo by Noelle

Apex: Photo by Noelle

I walked between two storms today. Clouds built menacing and bleak to the north, while another storm front raged gray and wild to the south. I wished a walk in these beautiful spring temps, but what to do?

I made a decision.

I am master and creator of my Universe and today I command the sky, and too, I shall command the rain. I will rule the earth. The heavens may fall, but on my east to west trail, nothing will fall upon my head. No dew will touch my skin. No puddle dampen my shoe. Lightening will heal to my call and thunder obey my leash. I am my own weather front. I am an ionic gulf stream that holds all violence at bay and forges a dry path. I am Goddess Divine and this moment my kingdom.

Be still!

And so it was….

Off the Deck: Photo by Noelle

The Platte: Photo by Noelle

image Off my Deck: Photo by Noelle

19 thoughts on “Between Two Storms

    • Between two calms: we sat huddled beneath a tree, barely protected from the hail storm that for a half hour or so my new 8 year old long boarding/scootering adventure companion had accused of being a dry rain. Dashing from tree to tree like a couple of cartoon characters, pelted, were we, with smallish hail stones that stung like like the out of control laughter that they provoked. There’s nothing like watching those columns of drear gushing out of black-as-sack-cloth clouds that meander about the Front Range skies as we hedge our bets on the spaces in between, sometimes free to bask in the beauty of it all, sometimes pressure washed, and in my case, all the better for the washing!

      • This was awesome, Justin. I love teh image of being pelted by hail, that stings but also makes you laugh. There is a koan in that somewhere. Feels like something THN would say. And yes, I love the drama of weather. Watching the huge sheets pour to the earth or, safely within my home, watch hail come down and turn a summer green lawn, white. Really nature is such a grand show, so sad humans spend so much time watching TV. How’s the journey home going?

    • Sorry I missed your comment. Thanks for stopping by. Alas, it has been such a wet spring here, I have had ample opportunity to command thunder and rain. California is dry as a bone and the rest of us are knee deep in water. As they say, may the best of whatever is on your plate. You never know what will come next. Blessings, my friend.

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