Story in Mud IV

Photos by Noelle

I spend an inordinate amount of time staring at mud. My love affair often draws the attention of the neighbors. I squat down over huge mudslides, a mud vulture surveying for something to eat. I love the way it swirls and forms after a storm. New channels spring up where none had been before, each with a story. The mica glints in the sunlight flirting with me and only furthering a feeling of dark, gem-like sculptures.

Photos by Noelle

Life unfolded on the planet in these rivers of mud. Plant life germinated from seeds carried by water and mud far upstream. It picks up everything in its path and absorbs whatever it can. Thus, the same streams of mud can appear with different colors and hues, depending on where in the river you find them. As with water, only slower, it moves down paths of least resistance allowing whatever is to come, to come. There seems a spiritual lesson in this for me.

Photos by

In Jewish folklore the golem was often an evil creature made of mud. In recent times the most famous might’ve been the golem in the X-Files episode on the creepiness of HOA communities. Very funny, but I can’t imagine evil in mud. It feels the most life giving of substances with changing patterns, new tributaries or old ones made anew and in that, I find solace and hope. I can transform, change, become something else, travel new paths, with just a little rain. So I dance my rain dance and wave at the neighbors. They cannot help their ignorance of mud. Few people are schooled in this magic. I may, in fact, be the last one.

Photo by Noelle

22 thoughts on “Story in Mud IV

  1. i must admit that I haven’t given “mud” a second glance, except to be sure I am stepping over it and not in it. Your fascination and sharing it in your writing gives it a new and positive life here on the planet!!

    • It’s amazing how beautiful the world is as we become more mindful of just the small things that are within our view. Yes, it is a wonderful mindfulness practice. In my early years I seemed to only notice what moved. Now I am riveted by what is often still and present before me. Blessings to your day, my friend.

      • It will have to wait a while as we are experiencing a long sunny period entering into summertime. I am practicing being still to observe all the life that abounds….dragonflies, squirrels, the garden and on and on it goes!! Having two fast moving kids, I am definitely aware of movement!!!

  2. I love both your photos of the mud, the image of you as mud vulture, and the teachings you discover and share. Next time I’m out on or after a rainy day I’ll be sure to take a closer look at the varieties of mud we have here, though I’ll be surprised if I find any as entrancing as your mica-enhanced beautiful green mud.

    • I started enjoying the patterns left in mud from rain water. Then, when you squat down even closer, especially in sunlight… well, that is when the real show gets started…. Thanks for stopping by, my friend. Your company is always welcome.

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