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Book cover and photography by Noelle Vignola and

Book cover and photography by Noelle Vignola and

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, than this absence from my blog has certainly been so. My book has finally launched on It will arrive to Amazon and Barnes and Noble in late February. A labor of love and community that has taken three years to bring to fruition. Although in truth, I began the road to publishing almost twenty years ago. If I step back even further, I hear my mother’s voice of oft regret at not writing more or sending her pieces into magazines that goes back almost fifty years. A line of women longing to see themselves in print. It is a very difficult feeling to express holding your book for the first time. I have never had children, but I imagine the feeling might be akin to the feeling of holding your child for the first time. Something powerful and deeply intimate.

We have a tendency of being overly focused with outcomes, objects, and the far-reaching stuff we’re seeking. Yet, life has nothing to do with stuff. Even as I hold this book, I realize the entire journey was the gift for me. The book is a lovely reminder of an adventure well taken, but not what all of this time was about. It was a wonderful carrot tweaking my rabbit-y nose when I would wish to listen to the voice of defeat or fear. It was the light at the end of the seemingly endless tunnel that said I would get here eventually.

We have many fantasies about our long-wished for successes. When we arrive at something it is never like the fantasy, because the person having that fantasy had not taken the journey yet. The one holding the book or the film or the painting or stands on the floor of a new business has. From this perspective the fantasy seems paper-thin and a bit silly even. The reality of who you have become on your way to that success far exceeds anything you could have possibly imagined. I feel deeply that what happens from here is all icing on the cake. I am compressed carbon, a winking, bright diamond in the sun. Success has already been awarded to me.

For now, if you wish to check out experts from the book or even more lovely wish to buy it, you may click on the link here or the one to the right of this post (Thank you for a lovely website):

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  1. I would wish you every success Noelle, yet that has already been accomplished in your completion of the work. Coincidentally, Lulu sent me a 20% off voucher just yesterday . . . H ❤

    • Awesome!! Feel free to use it on me, my dear!

      Thanks so much for the support. When I tried to get published twenty years ago I was such a different person. A lot more of my ego was riding on the success of anything I did then. I cared a lot more what other people thought. The beauty of passing fifty is there is so much less of your self riding on things. You have a deeper sense of who you are. Whether things outside yourself succeed or fail or people like what you do, just matters less. It’s a lovely place to be as the book rolls out. It will have a life of its own, as any child does. A mother can only give her child what is inside of her, after that the child will venture off to do with that gift what it will. Many blessings, my friend.

  2. Congrats, N!! So happy for you. I understand how big this is, and you got it right. The most authentic writers say the journey is what counts. That is awesome that you got to fulfill something of your mother’s (and grandmother’s) dream also.


    • Yes, since the book arrived at the house I’ve had my mother on my mind a great deal. Even now thinking about how proud she would be of me brings me to tears. She would be doing that goofy dance of hers, that was totally ridiculous and made me laugh and laugh. Thanks for the blessing, my friend.

    • You of all people appreciate the effort, as you have your own book. I don’t think I ever told you that when I was working with Lulu’s design team I was asked to submit a half dozen book covers that I liked as a means of starting our dialogue on the book design. Yours was one of the one’s I submitted. Love the cover of your book.

      • Shedding Light on Jyotisha: Beautiful cover. I went with Lulu because Amazon does not allow you to publish pieces already made public previously. I run a meditation group through the Insight Timer App and many of the pieces have appeared there and some on the blog. I didn’t want to lose the work over that contractual issue. Lulu also offered a huge package which has helped on the front end, like having a website and so forth. Interestingly. I think if I were to do this again, I might go with Amazon, if I lock down my app site. They aren’t as expensive.

      • I went with CreateSpace, which is print on demand (POD) since I didn’t have the large funds to go the other self-publishing route, and I didn’t want boxes and boxes of books lying around to then figure out how to sell. I was thinking that POD would be a way for you to bypass the not made public already requirement.

      • Absolutely, and may be what I do next. This has been such a huge learning curve. I am super pleased with the product itself. Great binding work and quality paper. So I’m super pleased with the quality both inside and outside the book. Did you like overall the quality of Createspaces work? I’d love a cheaper option next time. A lot cheaper!!!

      • Yes, I have been happy with the quality. CreateSpace is basically free – only $10 for the ISBN. You can pay more for broader distribution, but I haven’t felt that was necessary.

      • Did not know that. I will say the package I purchased has come with media release and marketing kit that I love and webpage design. It will also allow me to create a mailing list, which is also good. They did a quality review ahead of time related to my market which then helped me shape the design of the book. So many things I’m deeply grateful for.

  3. Indeed, Dorothea and Dottie are both proud of you!! As am I. In fact I see this as a push to do my own writing. I keep waiting for that break in other demands on my time. Now I understand what discipline it took for you to complete the book from idea to nice paperback in your hands. Bravo, Bravo!!!

  4. Congratulations Noelle, the cover looks beautiful and I am sure the content will be full of wisdom and peace. Your reflections on writing and producing a book is exaclty like a birth! and I too am about to launch my book and feel exactly as you do. Thankyou for sharing your gift with us and I am sure your ancestors will be proud of you for completing a cycle they were not able to do. I wish you energy and strength for the journey of marketing ahead! 🙂

    • Much good fortune on your launch, too, my friend. It is a labor of love, isn’t it. Yes, I do feel like I’m bringing to fruition a link that goes way back before me. It’s nice to feel the ancestors hanging out and blessing everything that is happening. Where are you publishing? What’s the title?

      • I love it when our ancestors hang out with us ha! I am publishing in Australia but of course it will be available on Amazon etc. My launch is a few weeks away yet, I would love to hear any hints about your launch! Did you have a large group? My book is called “Courage” a memoir about my journey through grief after the death of our son. I hope to give courage to other parents who also walk this journey. My motivation is to share how I healed. Thanks Noelle.

      • I worked at a huge hospital for the past sixteen years so we are doing an event here. I also write for a large meditation community that is global, so not a specific event, but have launched with them already.

        Very sorry about the death of your son, but judging by your writing it has been enormously transformative. I have no doubt whatsoever that you will give hope, courage and energy to other parents who are buried beneath their grief. What a gift to give to others, my friend. Truly. I work in end of life care. I understand that gift more than you know.

        I send you much joy, abundance, good fortune and magical prosperity for your own journey. May you bring healing to all who touch upon you and your work.

      • Thankyou Noelle. I appreciate your kind words. I too will be working with a children’s hospice as a Counselor in the middle of the year. It is really a gift and a privilege to work with the dying. And as you know I am sure, it is from understanding death, that we really begin to understand how to live and to love. Meditation and yoga are my healing tools through grief and so your book will also helps and guide others to learn this knowledge. I look forward ordering your book soon Noelle. I hope your launch goes well. Having the ability to cover these events in light and love and abundance is a bonus ha! Many blessings to you.

    • I do love the idea, that like a child, it is launched and I have little control over what happens to it next. I can market it and so forth, but it’s magic will come from falling into hands that were meant to read it. Thanks for the blessing, my friend. I accept it wholeheartedly!

  5. Congratulations, Noelle! I have read the excerpt and your gifts as a writer shine through in just those few pages, as does your wisdom. It is amazing to start with an idea of what something will be, and then to discover the process itself was really the magic. In a way, publishing starts a new process… invites new discoveries… Now there is a child to nurture… Recognizing this project has already been a success on many levels, I hope it is successful in extending those gifts to others. I have no doubt it will be a helpful friend to many…


    • Thank you, Michael. I thought about the marketing part of things a few weeks ago as just one more part of this crazy adventure. That it will transform me, as the book did, too. They are all just steps on some crazy journey I began three years ago. What I truly love about the book is all of these pieces began as gifts I would send to friends I meditate with. It began in love. Best place to begin.

  6. Noelle, this adventure of blogging has led me to meet so many amazing people, and many who have talents that are so different from my own. Quilters, crafters, artists, photographers, and writers. What a gift your blog has been to me.
    I’m a rough and tumble bike chick with a soft side, and your writing appeals to me in a way that surprises me. I look forward to reading your book.
    How incredibly exciting and inspiring!

    • I so agree. I’ve loved all the artistic people I’ve come in contact with all over the world. It’s so funny because in our day to day lives we never talk about our aspirations, our talents, or creative interests all that much. Not with the passion we find in the blogosphere.

      I laughed out loud at your rough and tumble biker chick. Your pictures of lovely wine brunches in country inns, antigues and art or beautiful cityscapes completely belies anyone’s notions of some rough and tumble biker chick. Maybe we all need to revisit our ideas of what that really means! And I will absolutely sign that book when we meet. BTW, where in the Carolinas do you live? I’ll be coming out that way in May for my nieces wedding. I’m flying into Raleigh/Durham.

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