New Year’s Eve



The door is not nearly as grand as one might think. The knob of solid brass, though tarnished from use, glows enough in the dark of the unknown to show me where to lay my hand. The threshold is clear, clean and unobstructed. The frame sturdy and the width large enough for me to pass with anything I wish to carry into this new year. Though not a word is spoken as I stand here, I also know it offers me the chance to walk through naked and with nothing at all.



I pull in on the great billows of my lungs the promise of this fresh moment. I let the taste of adventure and mystery to linger deliciously upon my tongue, savoring the prospects of all that I have yet to become. Each new day, of course promises this, too, but there is something unique about New Year’s Eve that speaks to the magic of transformation and opportunity. That calls out into the twinkling darkness of the heaven’s one’s excitement at what’s to come.

From Pinterest images

From Pinterest images

To the wise and quieted mind this wondrous anticipation has all the charm of a child on Christmas morning. It holds the wild hopes only a seaman stepping onto his ship bound for uncharted seas can know. This moment in the dark hours leaving one year to enter another is a sacred passage to those with an open heart. A heart that whispers as it passes through the doorway, “I am ready”.

39 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

    • May the coming year infuse our hearts and minds with creativity, my friend. I think the greatest revolution this planet could experience is one where we all let loose our creative mojo upon the world. Many blessings and good fortunes to you this year.

  1. Oh Noella …” a sacred passage ” your thoughts are so beautiful and truly matter to me …I hold your hand with tenderness and love into this new year …with gratefulness , megxxx

    • Love that image, my friend, of us all walking hand and hand into the new year. With all the suffering in the world, it is an image we all can benefit from, if we can hold that image in our minds and hearts. Sending you much prosperity and joy into your creative endeavors. XOXO!

      • My dear friend …did you know that you were one of my first followers ….I had been writing for nearly a year feeling alone and then you and Hariod suddenly appeared ….I am so very grateful for your kind encouragement and beautiful inspiration , thank you Noella ….I feel your touch of love .

      • Wow… I had no idea. I actually had thought you were this hugely successful writer/artist and I was so delighted you took interest in my blog! Ha! So funny the perceptions we have, although I would still say I’m write. You are this hugely successful artist/writer. We just have to get more people to know this about us!

      • I love your blog Noelle ! I also like it that I’m a writer , even one that doesn’t reach many readers …I think the connections we make with other writers are somehow of the divine and meant to be . What it feels like to write or create , well , I forget everything , I disappear and feel warmth in my body , like fire , like electricity , like being free …It is mysterious to know that our life’s thru writing are entwined , without meeting face to face but more gloriously , hearts to heart …I am so very grateful to know you ( even though it would be so delightful to share a cafe together and see your smile and hear your laugh )

      • Writing is truly a mysterious and often divine process. So many times I’ve written one piece to share the next day and then wake in the middle of the night with something else entirely. I truly believe when we are in that zone and the words are just flowing we are connected fully to our Source. Our higher self… our spirit. And yes, it’s been so cool to connect with people via the internet that I would have never had the chance to meet before. I know people think the internet is making us less social, but for me, it has been this incredible tool to find others of like mind and heart around the world. I feel significantly less isolated now. So lovely to have you as part of that selective/electronic family. We are soooo doing coffee or wine one day!

  2. Beautifully expressed in the way only you can, Noelle. I am eagerly stepping through that door to claim the magic and adventures of 2016. Looking forward to walking it with you ^=^

    • You, Meg and I must have a drink somewhere one day. Three beautifully creative souls having ourselves a delicious laugh over a latte or glass of wine. How much richer my daily life would be to have some of you living closer.

      • That sounds like a dream come true. We will have to work to make it happen one day. You’re in Colorado, right? The American couple who used to live in my village recently moved there. If they don’t leave for a while there is a possibility I could visit you both. That would be an entirely marvelous trip!

      • Oh… how magical would that be! I know it’s a long way, but think about it. I’d delighted to take you out on the trails and show you the beauty here. Would be my honor.

      • That sounds absolutely amazing and makes me want to leave right now. My main concern is that I may not be able to leave Pimo – in the past friends have had her, but it’s a bit unfair to both them and her now she’s older – just in case anything happened to her. But if we could put it on hold for a while and see how things work out. My understanding is that if things in the Universe are meant to work out they will ^-^

    • For me, too, Meg. I really feel like I’m becoming so much more aware of transition points and decision points. Spots where I consciously choose to enter a new creative phase. Many blessings to your own endeavors.

  3. Reading this was like making midnight ablutions. I walk through this delicious prose and into a new year draped with reverence and curiosity…

    Best Wishes for a Glorious Year!

    • I know. It theoretically is just another day, really and yet, it isn’t. Much magic and rejoicing to you, my friend. I look forward to seeing your own endeavors prosper and flourish

  4. There is indeed something unique and magical about the new year, isn’t there? and I like the way you describe it as clear, clean, and unobstructed.
    What will we do with this new year?
    One thing I know that I will do, is continue to follow along and soak up all that you have to offer us.

  5. `Each new day, of course promises this, too, but there is something unique about New Year’s Eve that speaks to the magic of transformation and opportunity´…
    those words really reached me, dear Noelle… A beautiful post to welcome 2016… wishing you a wonderful new year. Aquileana 🌟.-

    • That’s very kind of you, my friend. I’ve been so busy preparing the launch of my book I haven’t had much time for the blog of late. I accept the honor most graciously. Will spur me to not be so neglectful! Thank you again.

    • Yours, too, my friend. For some reason I’ve had the feeling this past month that many who have sought a creative live will find in the world’s chaos their lives growing and blooming. I don’t know why I think that, but I do. May your year bloom in the most beautiful ways.

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