The Force

From Star Wars: Part 4: image take from

From Star Wars: Part 4: image take from

Today, I send into your meditation The Force. From Star Wars comes the famous line, “May the Force be with you.” The curious thing about the phrase is it suggests there are times when The Force might not be with you. As if it were a bit like luck. Either you have the good fortune of its company and have been given the special training to use it, or so sorry little Jedi, The Force is with Darth this night.

Possibly the greatest spiritual revolution in the last five hundred years is the awareness that we can never be separate from this great Force. Regardless of religious or cultural understanding we are always in The Force. There is no outside of it. We can resist it, ignore it, refuse to acknowledge it, but “it” is never gone. Even without one prayer given we are never bereft of its presence or available guidance. Any sensation of separation is entirely on our part. Any story we tell of our bad luck is a story we are creating to explain things we don’t understand. It is a story based on a Force that has forgotten us to avail itself of what we believe to be worthier warriors.

We all have a kind of romance with the notion of “The Force”, yet here we are fully loaded with all the power we could ever need, yet find ourselves frequently feeling adrift on galactic winds. Floating directionless in a foreign galaxy longing for a master like Obi Wan to help us find our way or bestow upon on us the wisdom we so desperately seek. We tell many variations of the general theme that we are, somehow, lost and alone. We’ve come to believe we need a nail-gripping challenge of a death star to push past our limits and know the true depth of our essence.

Image from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: taken from

Image from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: taken from

All of us have an inner Yoda. A voice, an inclination, an intuitive compass that guides us at all times. We may be lousy listeners or worse navigators, but what we seek is in this immediate now. This Force is within us, because we are it and it is we. We quiet ourselves in meditation that we might come to hear this Force, not so much in words but in feeling and a deeper knowing. In fact, we are so beautiful in our power that naked we possess the ability to heal beyond our wildest dreams. Sitting here all alone in our small lives we have the power of the greatest warriors that ever walked the Earth. We are not alone for we have been deeply woven into the fabric of this universe by an energy that spins the finest silk thread out of stardust.

Spoken more accurately, the line should read, “May the Force be known to you.”


16 thoughts on “The Force

    • I tell you what, I’ve spent much of my life in the south, my friend. I’ve got a dang and a hell yeah for you any time you need one! Now if you’ll excuse me I’m fixin’ to head to the WalMart to buy some hairspray and cherry flavored lip balm…..

  1. Amen, Noelle. Just the affirmation I needed… I think you are onto something that Hollywood may not know quite how to package, and that is that the power of the Force and inner knowing go hand-in-hand. It’s not a chemical bond, but a felt one– a bond of being that flowers from our acknowledgment and acceptance. There is so little we need to do…!

    Peace to you on this winter’s night,

    • So true, my friend. But if Hollywood told the real story that it all comes with a softening and an open heart, we wouldn’t have need of such characters as Obi wan Kenobi or Yoda. Funny, but I was thinking the other day how we believe super powers come from anger. In virtually every super hero movie, it is anger that finally motivates the hero to rise above their limitations for good. But actually that is when we are at our weakest. Real super powers come when we are so filled with light from love and joy. But again, Hollywood doesn’t see much of a film in that, because let’s face it, if you were totally filled with light and love you would never destroy anything or blow anything up. You’d want to dance and sing and feed the poor and heal the sick.

  2. This is beautifully written Noelle, and whilst I have not the faintest idea as to what the Star Wars references mean – am I alone in the world in being so ignorant? – then what you otherwise allude to is perfectly well recognised. Congratulations on such clear and concise philosophical writing Noelle, or perhaps you might deem the same metaphysics? Either way, you have done a fine job in producing such an article. All best wishes, Hariod.

    • I have not seen the middle three, but saw the first three in the 70’s. You are a bit of an outlier, but I know others. You secret is safe with me. metaphysical or philosophical doesn’t matter to me, though I suspect most would say I am more metaphysical than philosophical in my thinking. Thank you for stopping by my friend.

    • Absolutely. Spirit, God, Source Energy, Allah, your secret mojo…. okay, maybe that last one isn’t used by anyone but me, but you get the idea. We call this different things, but we’re really speaking about the same thing. I think we have a huge attraction to the idea of a force we can wield, but don’t get we are already empowered. No training required really. I think the difference in the movie is it makes it sound like only some people are gifted with this and need some kind of specialized tutelage to use it. I think we can all awaken to that inner knowing that can profoundly direct our lives.

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