Christmas Tree





Today, I send into your meditation a Christmas tree. Few things are quite as beautiful, even in their simplest garb, as a Christmas tree standing alone in the corner of a darkened room. With the children off to bed and even the fire burned down to embers, its value transcends holiday gifts and punch bowls full of nog. In the quiet of the late evening it shimmers and draws all into the mystery. Though the light cast is not bright, there is a magic within it notwithstanding. The ambience of the tree pulls us in as surely as moths to a flame. As a symbol of late December it has brought the Christmas holiday into most homes whether Christian or not. We are drawn to the flickers of light that dispel the darkness, regardless of our secular or religious notions. All have come to share in the delight at midnight hours its curious luminescence.



On this great earth are many things, but of late, a thread of violence, greed and despair has consumed our times. Such suffering has gripped our planet and it is often difficult to turn away. What shall dispel this darker part of us? What can illuminate the human heart in such a way as to cast out shadows? Where shall the light come to push that ebony veil back a few feet that we might breathe more deeply?



Until we come to know fully our own luminescence, we will always feel the oppression of that curtain about us. If we can awaken within ourselves our own shimmering light, we become like the Christmas tree, a beacon in dark corners. We alter the darkness not by demand, but by attraction. As we become our true brilliance, all come forward wishing to bask in the glow. Awakened our light joins others dangling so delicately from the tree of life that says:



“No darkness shall prevail this night.
No suffering shall lay waste upon my door.
For I am the lone star beaming forth into the firmament.
I am the light that dispels shadows.
I am the voice that calls to others – wake up, see who you are!
See how your light shimmers – see how beautifully it glows.
I hold the power to wipe away darkness in the most dispirited souls beating magically, wildly within my breast.

I shall not listen to the wind that shakes the limbs with fear for I hold fast and true to this branch.
I hold fast and clear to this moment.

I am the mystery!

I am the light!”



29 thoughts on “Christmas Tree

    • Yes, that is most certainly true Elisabet. There have been a few years I simply wasn’t in the right space or time to have a tree myself. I would still say that all individuals have a light within them that can dispel the dark. Tree certainly not required. It just makes a lovely metaphor. Many blessings, my friend.

  1. What a lovely entry that lit up my spirit this day. I am reminded to view my own blazing light within and ignore the darkness around me.

  2. Gorgeous warm and subtlety – your own light is certainly discernible here Noelle:) Would you mind if I shared with the readers group at my church? (with acknowledgement) Some of them are in much need of re-invigorating…

    • So funny… Was thinking of you today. I was thinking of the first people I’d met on IT and I am certain you were one of the first. By all means, share away. I am happy to help others find their holiday spirit.

    • Given we are each on our own creative adventure, Meg, I truly hope this coming year is one of prosperity, abundance and such creative mojo this world has never seen! Many blessings, my friend.

  3. Your words capture so much of what we all love about a Christmas Tree, Noelle. It is the sitting in a darkened room, in the glow of the tree, is what makes the end of the season hard.
    lovely post …

  4. I love Christmas trees, but one thing I have a tough time accepting is that millions get cut down every year just to sit in a living room for a month before being thrown out. Wish we’d just decorate the trees outside, or use fake trees indoors.

    Crap, does that mean I’m a tree hugger? I would never chain myself to a tree though. 😀

    • Think of it this way, to keep a huge supply of Christmas trees for the world over huge tracts of land are saved where trees grow for several years before harvest and then are planted again. It is a process of constant renewal and land conservation solely for this purpose. No chemicals added to our lives and all those trees giving out 02. I’d rather have this than more urban sprawl and malls. I’d rather have this than a chemical factory that makes fake trees using the sand plot of land. In fact, I’d love it if everyone wanted a Christmas tree and tree farms thrived. Think of the miles and miles of beautiful everygreens constantly being grown and harvested, grown and harvested.

      And absolutely…. this makes you a tree hugger! Even if this didn’t cinch it, your love of birds certainly would have. Welcome to the club.

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