Peace of Snow

Bird Eagle Snowfall

Bird Eagle Snowfall

The silence pulls me and I offer no resistance. The flakes swirl past the window and I could fall forward, Alice down the rabbit hole. I was born in winter. My name conjures up winter, my colors are winter, my very nose smells the scent of it a month before it arrives. Everything about it fuels my engines and releases me from a thousand worries. I cannot explain it. Winter heals me. Snow invigorates everything I love within myself.

I sit watching the snow fall now, thick and dense. The world of human chaos comes down with it. The streets empty and the store fronts close. Mother Nature calls all to home, soup to the stove and a fire burning steadily into the night.

This is the peace of snow.

45 thoughts on “Peace of Snow

    • I listen to people gripe about the cold, but I think we’ve forgotten there is a season for everything and winter has a very powerful purpose in our lives. Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

  1. One of the interesting effects of deep snow is the acoustic dampening it provides, and so it seems to invoke within me the sense of peace you mention Noelle, as the world descends into a stilled hush. Thankyou, Hariod.

  2. Lovely images. I agree that snow heals, quiets and brings a different kind of beauty and peace. Thanks for bringing it into reality with your words.

  3. I love your photos and warm words… It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced this snowy season and felt cozy snuggled up beside the open fire in my winter nest, reflecting on my life. Thankyou for the reminder X barbara

    • I do believe that is one of the main purposes of winter. To slow us down, encourage us to curl up and drink something warm. Contemplate our lives before the spring. Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

  4. So beautiful Noelle ❤
    And wonderful timing – we are in the midst of a winter storm warning here with 10 inches expected by tomorrow and I'm very much looking forward to it. I only hope my daughter doesn't decide to go into labor, as she is due any day now.
    Wishing you a wonderful, blessed day, filled with all things lovely and good. Thank you for sharing your snowy meditations. xx

    • You must be getting our storm. Just dumped a foot and another six expected. Your daughter is due now???? Um…. you do know that means she’ll go into labor, right? No one ever goes into labor on a sunny day, at noon, on a Sunday when there’s no traffic!!!

      • Hahaha! She just had a doctor appointment yesterday and wasn’t dilated or anything yet, so hopefully she holds off at least until after the roads are cleared. 😉
        24 years ago today I went into labor with her, but it took 2 days to get her out. Funny we also had a big snowstorm that year just a couple of days prior to my due date where we got something like 2-3 feet and I remember hoping I wouldn’t go into labor myself until the roads were cleared. 🙂

  5. Loved your beautiful images and the sense of peace your writing evokes. I always feel a sense of timelessness in the midst of a big snowfall. It’s like the world stops and we’re returned to our roots, in awe of nature.

  6. Lovely words, and you know I admired your writing style. I am secretly enjoying the snow in the US, especially after the snow day when there is new snow coming. Giving the fresh start of the day 🙂 ❤

    • I work in a hospital so there really is no such thing as snow days for me, but I love the fantasy of them. I really should’ve worked as a teacher. Holidays, snow days, whatever was I thinking….

  7. My dear friend …I so understand your love of winter , your words and photos are so softly beautiful ( I wish so much that I could have made plans to meet with you while I passed thru Denver but alas , I saw you’re kind message too late ) winter blessings sweet Noelle and always love , megxxx

    • I was born in winter, my name is synonymous with a winter holiday, my color me beautiful colors are winter colors. I think I was destined to love this season from the word go. I also think there is a reason we are drawn to certain seasons. There is a message for them in it that speaks powerfully of their journey. Thanks for stopping in, my friend. Was by your place last night. Have been missing your pieces.

  8. I enjoy winter and love it when it snows. Unfortunately I’m in a climate where snow isn’t in the cards most years (we had a few hours of snowfall last year but it didn’t stick – boo!) I imagine where you live there is plenty of snow. Such a nice place, your state. I love the corridor through Telluride, Silverton, Ouray, Leadville, etc. Definitely lots of snow there. Especially Leadville. I think all they have is snow. And lead. Also, a place with a really good steak dinner for $8.95. 🙂

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