Coming of Night

Coming of night over Johnston Lake: Photo by Noelle

Coming of night over Johnston Lake: Photo by Noelle

In the coming of night I feel the day slip away. In the last rays that crest the hill, I forget what disturbed my midday and nagged my afternoon. No monk am I, but there is a vesper in my heart at this hour. As if the monastery bell had rung and in the reeds of the lake I knelt. Swallows catch the last flies, before the chill descends with the night. I ache to follow the rays across the horizon, yet, there is peace in this twilight I fear to miss. The passing of my day, its light and its dark, not to be walked again.

13 thoughts on “Coming of Night

  1. Stunning, Noelle. I was just browsing your pages following your new IT post. This leaves me in hushed stillness, perfect for the beginning of my day today.. Thank you for sharing the way you see the world. Marlies

    • You are love and I’m going to have to thank Roy. What a promo he gave me. Thank you for taking him up on it and stopping in. Wherever you are in the world may it be a beautiful day, indeed.

  2. I read this just as the sun disappeared and the skies began to darken. How perfect. Many thanks for sharing your gift of words and vision.

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