Comes the Storm

Storm brewing over the hogbacks: Photo by Noelle

Storm brewing over the hogbacks: Photo by Noelle

As the sun set, it was clear, the beauty was in the clouds, the high winds, and the violence between. They gave the sun something to shine upon, and in that, was the miracle at dusk. This is the path of healing. You are whole again when you can shine the light of your spirit on that which was broken, violent and torn asunder.

4 thoughts on “Comes the Storm

  1. Was that from the daily emails from ACIM? I used to get the daily message from the ACIM website and was noticing last week I’m not getting them anymore. Always love those quick lessons in the morning. Great way to set the tone for the day. Thank you so much for stopping in and posting. Always a gift. Namaste

  2. i was surprised when i was working with the photo later that it looked so much like a rennaissance painting to me. I have one app that on just some photos brings out that brushed paint feel. Delighted you liked it!

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