By the Wire


By the Road: Photo by Noelle

By the Road: Photo by Noelle

By The Wire: Photo by Noelle

By The Wire: Photo by Noelle

Long day and too much traffic. Coming home and I saw you by the wire and something told me to pull over. You were still and quiet, while the interstate roared on. I stood with you alone and together. I wonder what you thought of me, coming from no where or why you didn’t wander off. My mind was awash with details, suddenly wiped clean on your withers and dried in your mane. It’s weird what makes you think of peace and angels. This silent stillness, chest high in barbed wire and switch grass mixed with short blue grama. I stayed awhile and smelled your hide. Earth tones that cleansed my eyes of fluorescents. When I left you I was naked once again and on your bare back my heart road home.

8 thoughts on “By the Wire

    • I really don’t know what it is about horses. I started dreaming of them a few months ago and now see them often. Yesterday they were so close to the fence I thought I’d stop for a photo and then found myself just hanging out with this guy. Even older, they are graceful. Thank you so much for stopping in and leaving a note. Always lovely.

  1. So delighted you came by, Had. Yes, it is so important we slow down and connect with the Earth and nature. It really changes our orientation and breathing to just step into a field or feel the sun. This fellow was just a lovely gift. Blessings, my friend.

  2. “My mind was awash with details, suddenly wiped clean on your withers and dried in your mane.” Lovely reflection, thank you Noelle. Isn’t it wonderful that we can drop into stillness in a moment of being open to its ever-present reality? I’m enjoying reading your blog, after seeing your post on Insight Timer just now. Namaste, Marlies

    • How lovely that you should stop by and visit, Marlies. I am deeply grateful for the comment. I love it best when friends from IT stop in. It’s like bumping into someone at the store and chatting for a bit. Yes, I need to take the risk on more of such impulses. It was a split second decision that changed my entire evening. Truly, healing. We have these thoughts, but get so caught up we don’t act on them nearly enough. After that afternoon I made a deeper commitment to do so. Blessings to your weekend, my friend.

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