The Trail

Bear Creek Lake, Lakewood,  Colorado: Photo by Noelle

Bear Creek Lake, Lakewood, Colorado: Photo by Noelle

The trail is long as a river in the grass. Sand lilies grace the trail dwarfed now and then by soapweed yucca. In this vastness, the short and tall grasses each belong to me, as surely as the wild sky. Storm clouds gloom, but the rainbow only laughs. The sun has broken through and crickets sun themselves on drying stones. They snap and sing, flying just ahead of me into the sagewort and buffalo grass. I hear the mountain plover and the meadowlark close and far, but they are nothing more than flickers in my peripheral vision. So much moves in this rolling prairie, but always sees me before I see it. Still, I do not hunger for company in such a crowd of scrappy rabbits and field mice. If I keep my pace, I may find the pot of gold before the light winks night.

11 thoughts on “The Trail

  1. This is an example of great beauty. You are truly gifted, my friend, with an eye tuned in to the majesty of nature and a pen sharpened to express your observation. Thank you for sharing.

  2. You are such a love, my friend for always coming by and taking the time to leave a note. Really, so grateful. It was the most perfect hike. I went right after meditating. Amazing how sitting opens the heart and the eye.

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