Lonely Haiku

Free Bing Photos: 100 images of solitude

Free Bing Photos: 100 images of solitude

The piece below was written by my Insight Timer friend, Roy Mason in New York. I had been working on a poem related to loneliness that just wasn’t coming together. I sent it to Roy and he flipped it, most lovelingly, on its head and produced this beautiful layered haiku. Far better than my original piece. It is an honor to post it here.

Lonely Haiku

Magazines read twice,
Fridge food contains emptiness;
My heart: comfortless.

Mind wheels are spinning,
Sleep is sought but elusive.
The hours go on…

I ask: who am I?
The deafening loneliness!
Waiting for the light.

Outcast and apart,
I hear the chimes of the clock;
Then tick tock, tick tock.

I, disconsolate,
Endless pacing with worry.
Five O’clock: birds sing.

10 thoughts on “Lonely Haiku

    • A picture many of us have known at one time or another. Thanks for coming by. Given your mad dash to hit the holiday trail, I’m deeply grateful for you taking the time to stop in. Safe travels my beautiful friend.

    • I’m doing most well, my dear friend. Busy, of course, but good. Working on two pieces for the book at are coming together and nearly finished with the project. Should be able to get the book out to publishers by mid July before leaving for vacation. How are you, my friend. What is new in your lovely life?

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