Stairway to Heaven

Stair hike at Mount Glennon Park: Photo by Noelle

Stair hike at Mount Glennon Park: Photo by Noelle

Sorry couldn’t resist the title.

I’d been climbing the stair to the cliff path. The light broke the ridge and poured down the stair. Amazing moment, made more so by the fact I almost didn’t take the evening hike. I’ve been focusing on living more in the now, lately. Taking advantage of what is available in my life. Filling my mind with more nature and less obsessing about the minutiae of daily living. Something about a mountain trail makes me more aware of my good fortune and breaks my egos need to look for what’s missing.

Still, it had been a long day, and I could find a million reasons to veg out at home. This moment was a perfect reward for having stepped out the front door. A little bit of spirit in the mountain weeds.

7 thoughts on “Stairway to Heaven

    • Since moving to my new home, the best hiking is but minutes from the house. I have a hard time thinking it’s too much effort. The funny thing about this, is I got lost up there. About 2/3rd’s of the way up it becomes climbing over a lot of boulders. I thought I remembered the way back. Alas, not so. I ended up shimming down a rock face and shale slide. I was dirty, sweaty, and scared myself a little, as it was getting dark. Once in the car though, I got to thinking how awesome I am. Funny how we go from weepy to champion in the space of thirty steps!

    • Oh and PS: I’m heading back to that hike today. I got lost in the boulders last time and ended up having to shimmy down a very steep rock face and shale slide. Scary, but when I got to the bottom I felt like a champ. I’m hoping not to take that path down again, but I had a blast climbing and hopping on the boulders at the top. And what views!!!

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