Gate on the Payne Farm Trail:  Photo by Noelle

Gate on the Payne Farm Trail: Photo by Noelle

There it was in the middle of the thicket. White and chained shut. Very little to say where it lead, as there appeared to be no road into the briar. It seemed a gate in the middle of nowhere and that is how the first spark flew burning my regular life. What is it to live, if you never climb unknown fences and see where they lead?

6 thoughts on “Gate

  1. I have this thought, often, about how we’ve let go of mystery. We love it in books, but want everything spelled out in real life. We take the designated routes, rather than wandering off down some side streets. I remember my mother doing that all the time. I remember it making me nuts when I wanted to get somewhere, but she was right. There’s a youthfulness in not knowing everything.

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