Not Alone

From the Spirit Science Facebook page

From the Spirit Science Facebook page

This morning I awoke with a phrase running through my mind. It sounded as if I were leaving a dream and whoever I was talking to was leaving me with a parting thought.

“You are not alone.”

It wasn’t a creepy X-Files phrase, but rather warm and comforting. It continued to roll through my mind as I got ready for work.

“You are not alone.”

When I was in college I had the typical nonsensical conversations most twenty-something’s, experimenting with various mind-altering drugs have. You get high and ponder UFO’s, out of body experiences and whether your dead grandparents have seen you having sex. Stupid stuff that left you laughing for hours. The idea of “not alone” in such states could almost seem mystical, but never to be recaptured once back down to earth.

As I brushed my teeth, I pondered this idea again.

“You are not alone.”

Yes, thirty years later and deeply sober, the feeling is as mystical and magical today, as it was then. I giggled and spit toothpaste down my chin. Such are the actions of all great revelations. The inducement of laughter and wonderment, at our connection to all things.

“You are not alone.”

2 thoughts on “Not Alone

  1. I firmly believe that “I am not alone” Too many powerful experiences to negate this concept. I find it reassuring and comforting, not threatening in any way nor too “far out there”

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