Free Bing photos

Free Bing photos

Early, before the sun is up. Breakfast half eaten against the back drop of autos heading into the city. I hear them yelping between the motors in the nearby field. The night was cold for summer, giving rise for them to howl for autumn.

I am pressed and clean for the day ahead, but their barks call to my wildness beneath the suit. All these routines and order, economies, mortgages and regulations. I stand at the window and listen. My heart beats faster with the next call and I realize it is not order I am hungry for, but the feel of dirt and the grass beneath my feet. To run and howl with abandon with my kin.

Alas, a deep final breath at the sill, as I turn from the window, checking my coyote spirit as I head for the door.

4 thoughts on “Coyote

    • No truer words have ever been said, my friend! It was definitely my coyote spirit that fired up this coaching endeavor and a deep desire for more control over my time and day. As always, thank you for stopping in. Blessings to your weekend.

  1. This one just made me smile. We have/had coyotes on the Farm. I can see one coyote so clearly after a workday to clear brush. I had gone back up the bluff to be sure no one was being left behind. The coyote had reclaimed his land and territory now that the tall folks were gone, and totally ignored my presence. He knew he was the one in charge now.

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