Gulls at Johnston Lake: Photo by Noelle

Gulls at Johnston Lake: Photo by Noelle

What if it is all to get us to let go of the cliff ledge? What if we’re all being shaken off our belief we must have security, predictability and knowledge? Every hardship a challenge to the internal structures we create to define who we are, how everything works and what is true and real?

What if all of this is for our awakening? To encourage our understanding of freedom, rather than a lesson on imprisonment. To forget everything we think we know and let go of the ledge. Free fall and trust we will fly. What if it’s the reason we chose to live? We wanted every single moment to happen, because our spirit already knew it could soar.

13 thoughts on “Soar

  1. We’re so accustomed to seeking and finding answers that we’ve come to regard our beliefs as truths. Real freedom comes when we let go and allow ourselves to not know. Living without judgments and beliefs is scary … and enlightening.

    • So true, Bill. When I was younger I was always seeking knowledge and information. The person who knew the most had the most control or power or whatever. Now it seems so frail and foolish to endlessly try to control or have the information. So much easier and clearer when you stop pushing against it all. Just let go and see where the mystery takes you next. Thank you so much for stopping by.

    • So true, Val. It is all an illusion which you hear often, but when you really start to feel that at the center of your being the world shifts. Thank you so much for coming by for a visit. Blessings.

  2. Like the Fool in the Tarot cards, stepping off the cliff with his eye covered….just totally trusting in what comes next. Um, maybe you should check the spelling of your last word in this entry?

    • And you are a love, Pieter. Thanks for coming by for a visit. Will be out of town for a few days so may not post before Sunday. Heading to Chicago for a wedding. Blessings to your weekend, my friend.

  3. Let’s soar and fly! I am aware both of us had already let go of the cliff ledge and fell hard once. There is a Japanese saying, “The higher the mountain is, the deeper the valley becomes. The deeper the valley is, the higher the mountain becomes.” (「山高ければ谷深し、谷深ければ山高し」) As for my last post, my apology to have jumped ahead and mentioned what you were getting at.

    • love that Japanese saying. It reminds me of The Poet and Kahlil Gibran’s comments about sorrow and joy. Sorrow carves the depths of the goblet so that it may fill all the more deeply with joy. Thanks for the post and the visit, my friend.

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