Really look deep. Take in the red and let it sink into your root chakra – fire. Allow the rich azure to settle upon you a royal crown. Draw the green into your heart on each breath and know your majesty. Feel the color filling you up, the coolest draught. Drink yourself drunk on the beauty. Now settle down. Sink your feet like tree roots into the earth. Go down, deep and dark into the fertile soil until you hit the molten core. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Breathing in the earth and breathing out love. There is a a pulse as deep in the earth as in you, waiting for you to lay your hand upon it.

8 thoughts on “Earth

    • You’re a love, my friend. I have a collection of these out to eight publishers. Two denials so far. Curiously, I feel no worry over it. When I tried to get two books published back in the 90’s so much of my ego was riding on it. Now, if they bite they bite, if not then it still has been a lovely day fishing. Loved your newest pice. I liked it on Facebook, but will stop in at your site, too.

      • cheers, thanks for the suggestion too btw. That was a goldmine for me, I found so much good stuff I had to split it into two posts.

        Don’t sweat the publishing thing, those folks are always looking for grandslams. The thing is, a good double or base hit isn’t so bad every once in awhile, especially in today’s digital age.

        Heck at this point you could self-publish. I’m serious about the books on tape. You have a microphone and a computer, make it happen, Cap’n! 😛 😉

      • I met a self publisher before submitting to traditional publishing houses, so may still do it. I thought I’d give the traditional path a go first and see what happens. I belong to a global meditation app and have about 200 folks following me there who would love to buy it if I self publish, so we’ll see what shakes out. I will say the self publisher was a little funky, so I may also do more investigating. Thanks for the encouragement.

        And glad it worked out on the piece. That whole story was incredible. When I saw it the first time I knew it was up your alley.

  1. Heart deep and soul stirring. So glad to hear you are getting these published in one way or the other. You have the voice tone to do your own CDs.

    • Well, not published yet, but working on it. I’m working now on recording five and ten minute long guided meditations to post on the blog. We’ll see how they turn out. You can be a guinea pig.

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