Happy Easter

I do not celebrate Easter, as I’m not a Christian, but I am a huge fan of resurrection. Rising from the dead. All of us have been there. Losses, traumas, unexpected tragedies – that laid us out. Laid us out flat. Destroyed the life we once new and left us completely lost and hopeless. In those moments we think we’ll never get up, never live again, but then something happened. We got up. Maybe shaky and wobbly at first, but we got up. We started walking. Maybe we didn’t even know what direction to go, but we started walking anyway. We survived. Many of us did more than that, we began to grow and thrive. We recovered and made ourselves anew. Like the Phoenix we built ourselves from the ashes, turning the gray soot into colorful wings.

Resurrection is not so much an event, as a process available to all of us. We each can resurrect our lives no matter how battered and torn up they may seem. So I wish you all a very Happy Easter. May this day bring hope to the most beleaguered souls out there, that you can live again, even if right now you feel your life is dead.

9 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Another lovely piece, thank you. I find myself amazed by our resilience, our ability to rise again from the ashes as you put it. This is a wonderful reminder that the choice to do so always lies within us.

  2. Powerful is the word that came to me. We are powerful even when we feel powerless. Life itself is powerful and calls us to get up and live again.

    • I think we think our successes are what make ipis and make us interesting, but really it’s our failures, losses and traumas we got up from that really make us everything that we are. Captivating…

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