Already Here

Mohegan's Bluff, Block Island: Photo by Noelle

Mohegan’s Bluff, Block Island: Photo by Noelle

Allow yourself to think today as if your life is already what you want it to be. Watch what happens when you do not succumb to your own stories of limitation.

Namaste and Happy Thursday, Noelle

11 thoughts on “Already Here

  1. It’s a wise assignment, Noelle. In the past I often felt that I kept lacking of something, and not satisfied with what I had. I make peace about it just recently, enjoying life the way it is and not chasing things just to show I am better than others. Life is much more relaxing that way 🙂
    Lovely images, Noelle!

    • I have to say, I love being in my fifties. I miss the elasticity of my skin in my twenties, but I so don’t miss the younger me who, as you note, was always trying to chase things and prove herself. What a load off!

  2. A wonderful reminder for me to live in the present and keep affirming and being grateful for what I have in this moment. When I was struggling emotionally last year I found it so helpful to ask myself: Is everything okay in this moment? And of course the answer was pretty much always yes. And because I was feeling so bad, I felt so grateful for every little thing. I will take this as an invitation to invite some of that present moment awareness and gratitude back into my life, thank you.

    • I love in A Course in Miracles the assignment that goes “Nothing is what I think it is” because it’s so true. We have so many crazy stories and interpretations of our lives and 99% of it isn’t even real. Nothing is every what we think it is. Lovely to have you visit, my friend.

      • I haven’t got to A Course in Miracles yet, but feel I may now be ready. Yes, my ego can do a great job of convincing me things are stressful, hard, embarrassing, painful and all the rest of it and when I just let it all go and remember that everything is here because it’s exactly what I need there is so much more peace.

      • I’ll confess I hated reading ACIM. I found the language antiquated and tedious. But I love the exercises. You can go to, I think and look at the daily lessons. They are simple and very curious mental constructs. I often return to them.

  3. Thanks for this helpful reminder, Noelle — I read the post on Thursday and imagined myself where I wanted to be, which shifted my awareness toward realizing that I do not need a major dramatic transformation, but just simple, small changes over time. Good things have been happening since then. 🙂

  4. I read this the other day on my phone while out and about, and it was perfect for the moment. My wife and I were shopping for living room furniture, and desiring to create something beautiful, and deciding not to run aground on the shoals of limitation without giving inspiration a fair shot… Then I read this…. The feeling of potential and power, and of being carried just so welled up within me…


    • Love this note. Isn’t it amazing how spirit sends you just when you need, always in the perfect moment, to show you the way or to show you your light. Awesome! I hope you did succumb to inspiration and beauty. They are what give our life vitality.

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